ELSA Conference

International School of Paris
Paris, France
This event has passed.

Join us at English Language Schools Association (ELSA) in Paris on March 25, and learn more about the power of connected teaching and learning at our booth. We’ll be highlighting key core, intervention, assessment, and supplemental resources that can help you accelerate growth for all students.

Our Featured Programs

We can't wait to see you there! In the meantime why not check out some of our featured resources:

  • HMH Into Reading®

    HMH Into Reading © 2020 delivers a comprehensive K–6 ELA solution that includes rich and engaging instruction developed using the latest research and grounded in the science of reading. Students build topic knowledge with rich, authentic trade literature over multiple weeks and with literature that was designed to ensure all students see themselves in the stories they read. As students apply their learning through engaging practice activities and through assessments, teachers receive individualized data to maximize and track the growth of every student.

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  • HMH Into Literature®

    HMH Into Literature © 2020 delivers a comprehensive 6–12 English Language Arts solution that uses a gradual release model to build intellectual stamina and foster independence while developing skilled readers, writers, and thinkers. High-interest, relevant materials and activities motivate students and serve to build agency and learning mindset. Ongoing assessment, data reporting, and next-step recommendations provide critical feedback loops to teachers and aid with effective differentiation.

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  • Waggle®

    Waggle, a digital, gamified ELA and Math learning solution for Grades K–8, is a 2022 CODiE finalist in the category of “Best Gamification in Learning.” Waggle goes beyond adaptive learning to provide personalized practice and instruction to support skills-diversity for in-class centers, independent practice, or remote learning. Students engage in rich multimedia experiences and encounter a wide variety of item types that prepare them for high stakes testing and keep them motivated to continue learning.

    Plus, included with Waggle, HMH Growth Measure provides teachers with an accurate benchmark of students’ knowledge and automatically connects students with differentiated practice in Waggle.

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  • Writable®

    Writable (Grades 3–12) guides students through the writing process through scaffolded daily practice and personalized feedback for unparalleled writing growth.

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  • Amira®

    Amira (Grades K–5) provides personalized 1:1 reading tutor with precise micro-interventions rooted in the science of reading. Double your students' reading growth through an ESSA-strong program and save teachers 90+ hours per year with automated oral reading fluency assessment and dyslexia risk screening.

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  • English 3D®

    English 3D, Grades 4–12, is a powerful English language development program designed to ensure multilingual learners are on an accelerated path to proficiency with the tools to teach and practice academic speaking, listening, reading, and writing

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