Strengthen and Transform Summer Learning

Accelerate achievement, boost motivation, and build student confidence this summer with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® Summer School Solutions. Whether you need to focus on prevention, improvement, or enrichment, our proven solutions give you the flexibility to choose the resources best suited to your students’ needs. With engaging programs, funding guidance, and professional learning support, HMH® can help you light the spark that fuels year-round success for all your students.

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Summer Learning Webinars

Making Nonfiction Fun to Read

Dr. Bill McBride

Thursday, March 23 at 2 PM (ET)

All states now test their students in the reading of nonfiction, or as the new Common Core and State Standards call this genre, informational text. This highly engaging and interactive workshop will show teachers how to incorporate research-based fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary strategies into their content-area classrooms. Teachers will learn appropriate pre-reading activities to ensure their students succeed in their first reading of the text. New standards call for students to "read deeply;" hence teachers will learn activities that require students to reread a text multiple times while learning different literacy strategies. During- and post-reading strategies include identifying context clues, inference, text structure, and summarization.

Simple Solutions for Summer Success: 3x3!

Patsy Kanter

Wednesday, April 5 at 3 PM (ET)

Strengthening essential math skills and preventing further learning loss in mathematics are critical objectives of many summer school programs. In this webinar, we'll look at three reasons children are enrolled for summer school math instruction, three impactful methods of instruction, and three activities that are effective in supporting discussion, contextualization, and problem solving.

Sustaining a Growth Mindset for Summer Learning

Dr. David Dockterman

Wednesday, April 12 at 2 PM (ET)

Can we make summer school feel like an opportunity rather than a punishment? Instilling a growth mindset in a community of learners can help. This webinar will provide tips for fueling mindset beliefs that summer school is worth doing; I can see myself growing (and my brain changing), and I belong to a group that cares about and supports me. We leverage the research on growth mindset and tapping what kids value.

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