Follow-up Courses Deepen Program Mastery

Follow-up Courses go beyond Getting Started, and deepen mastery of your program implementation. Designed for first- and second-year implementation, these courses are about advancing program implementation through effective planning, progress monitoring, differentiation, and assessment. Rooted in instructional practices, these full-days, in-person courses take teachers and instructional coaches to the next level of program implementation.

Delivery: in-person, full day courses

Plan Effectively Follow-up Course


Learning Outcome: 

  • Learn to plan effectively, prioritizing content and resources to help all students improve.

Monitor Student Progress Follow-up Course

Learning Outcome: 

  • Understand the role of formative assessment and progress monitoring in the HMH program and assessment resources, and create plans for personalizing tools and resources to meet student needs.

Differentiate Instruction in a Digital Classroom Using the HMH Player Follow-up Course

Learning Outcome: 

  • Learn to deliver instruction, effectively collaborate, monitor progress and differentiate using the HMH Player®.

Support English Language Learners Follow-up Course

Learning Outcome: 

  • Integrate best instructional practices and learn to differentiate language instruction using HMH English language learners program resources.

Differentiate Instruction using the HMH Player Follow-up Course

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn to differentiate and personalize instruction for digital learners.
  • Explore how to deliver instruction, effectively collaborate, monitor progress and differentiate using the HMH Player.

Personalize and Adapt Student Learning with the Personal Math Trainer® Follow-up Course

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn to personalize and adapt student learning using the adaptive technology of Personal Math Trainer® Powered by Knewton™.
  • Explore the features, the adaptive work flow options, and the report capabilities of the Personal Math Trainer®.