Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Elementary School

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SEL curriculum for elementary educates the whole child

An effective SEL curriculum for elementary students considers their unique developmental needs. Early elementary students are beginning to understand how to regulate their emotions and show empathy for others. In later elementary grades, they make deeper friendships and understand how their actions affect others. And they begin to understand that they can take action to address problems in their school and community.

When SEL lessons are embedded across content area curricula, students get daily practice developing competencies and finding real-world solutions to the challenges they encounter.

Wf1449152 Curriculum Foundatio
Curriculum Foundation

The five SEL competencies developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) are crucial to students’ learning and development.

5 SEL Competencies
Wf1449152 Five Sel Competencies
These skills should be at the core of any SEL program.
  • Self-Awareness: Recognizing emotions and their effect on behavior
  • Self-Management: Regulating emotions, managing stress, and staying motivated
  • Responsible Decision-Making: Making decisions based on ethics, safety, and social norms
  • Relationship Skills: Developing positive relationships with diverse groups and individuals
  • Social Awareness: Empathizing and understanding the views of others
HMH Infuses SEL Across the Curriculum
HMH Infuses SEL Across the Curriculum

It’s difficult to find time in the school day for lessons that will help students sharpen their social and emotional skills. With SEL embedded throughout our research-backed core, intervention, and supplemental programs, you’ll discover how easy it can be to boost students’ academics while supporting their well-being.

Our SEL curriculum for elementary includes bite-sized lessons that
Our SEL curriculum for elementary includes bite-sized lessons that

• Build strong teacher-student relationships

• Foster active listening as students participate in discussions with classmates and teachers

• Develop collaboration skills with projects that help students get to know and trust one another

• Provide practice setting goals and developing action plans to achieve them


HMH Elementary Programs with SEL Built Right In

Hmhintoreading Cv
HMH Into Reading®

HMH Into Reading integrates social and emotional learning into the daily K–6 curriculum, providing teachers an easy way to ensure students are practicing the SEL competencies.

Hmhintosocialstudies Hero
Into Social Studies

Into Social Studies incorporates SEL into the K–6 curriculum through project-based learning, collaborative activities, and by helping students to make connections to history and culture.

Hmhintomath Cv
HMH Into Math®

Into Math embeds SEL across the K–8 curriculum in mindset prompts, project cards and games to promote collaboration, and Spark Your Learning tasks for motivation and perseverance.

Into Science Hero Wf1355051
HMH Into Science®

HMH Into Science infuses SEL into the K–5 curriculum, which helps to build classroom climate, aid in student social development, increase confidence, and encourage empathy.


Teachers and students thrive with Waggle’s innovative ELD supports, SEL framework, and embedded gaming that rewards both positive learning behaviors and proficiency.

Discover how our integrated SEL programs for elementary school can help your students thrive in school and life.