Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Social and emotional skills are essential to personal and academic growth

High-quality SEL programs can help students achieve academic and life goals

Successful students can control their emotions, empathize with others, build healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions. The right social and emotional learning curriculum will ensure that students develop these skills.

More than two decades of research shows that high-quality social and emotional learning programs get results. Infusing SEL across the curriculum leads to reduced emotional distress and improved academic performance. And these benefits are long-term, lasting up to 18 years after completing a program.

Students who participate in a K–12 SEL program score better on standardized achievement tests.

Six months to 18 years after SEL programs are completed, students can still derive benefits.


Spending $1 on SEL programs is equal to spending $11 on intervention.

Our SEL Philosophy

Learning is social and emotional. That’s why we take a whole-child approach to education, moving beyond a focus on academic achievement alone to incorporate life skills—building relationships, controlling emotions, making responsible decisions—that children must develop for long-term success.

What Sets HMH Apart
What Sets HMH Apart

We offer the most comprehensive education solutions

  • Backed by HMH's decades of research
  • Delivered using cutting-edge technology
  • Personalized to ensure your unique needs are met

HMH Meets Your SEL Curriculum Needs

Students need opportunities to practice SEL skills throughout the school day, in their academic work and personal interactions, in and outside of the classroom. Incorporating an SEL program across the curriculum can be a huge undertaking. We’ve done the work for you.

Wf1424472 How We Meet Your Needs
SEL is infused throughout our research-backed literacy, math, social studies, and science programs.

You’ll find social and emotional learning incorporated in

  • Whole-class and small-group instructional resources
  • Collaborative and student-choice activities
  • Project-based learning
  • Gamified differentiated skills practice
  • Personalized feedback delivered by adaptive software
Wf1424472 Embedded Sel
Benefits of embedded SEL
  • Builds classroom climate
  • Aids in student social development
  • Increases student confidence
  • Encourages student empathy

SEL Professional Learning That Works

Our nationally recognized PD equips teachers and leaders with practical approaches to SEL that aim to nurture the whole child.

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Teach the core SEL competencies through these resources:
  • Getting-Started Sessions: Live, online sessions pair teachers with HMH’s instructional coaches to ensure readiness from day one.
  • Follow-Up Sessions: One-hour sessions focus on refreshing and deepening knowledge.
  • Teacher's Corner®: On-demand resources and live events build community around today’s social and emotional learning challenges.
  • Family Room™: On-demand resources, available in English and Spanish, are designed to support families and caregivers.

See how our evidence-based SEL curriculum can put your students on the path to long-term success.

SEL By Grade Level
Wf1424472 Elementary Sel
Elementary SEL

Our SEL curriculum for elementary students, embedded throughout HMH’s research-backed programs, educates the whole child.

Wf1424472 Middle School Sel
Middle School SEL

Our SEL curriculum for middle school aims to help students navigate complex peer relationships and learn to resolve conflicts.

Wf1424472 Highschool Sel
High School SEL

Our SEL curriculum for high school gives students opportunities to explore who they are and the impact they want to have on the world.

SEL Resources