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Planning for 504 and IEP Success in a Post-Pandemic World
Incorporate lessons from distance learning into your IEP and 504 planning. Suzanne Jimenez, a former director of special education in Virginia, shares strategies.
Dr. Suzanne Jimenez
Director of Academic Planning and Data Analytics at HMH
March 18, 2021
Embracing Inclusivity with Culturally Responsive Books for All Students
Teachers should read or assign culturally responsive books with characters of different cultures, races, religions, genders, and other identities to help them understand themselves and each other.
Jaleel R. Howard, MEd
Educator and UCLA Doctoral Student
Sam Blanchard
UCLA Doctoral Student and Former Teacher
February 23, 2021
What Is Equity in Education?
Equity may sound similar to equality. But, according to experts, differentiating the two is essential to meet the needs of students in K-12 school districts.
Jordan Friedman
Shaped Editor
January 29, 2021
8 Education Trends to Watch in 2021
We asked ed leaders from across the country to weigh in on education trends for 2021. Here's what they had to say.
Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Editor
January 14, 2021
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