Healthy Habits for a Growth Mindset in Math

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We know that growth mindset—the belief that intelligence can be developed—is essential in effectively teaching math. But what kind of habits should you be encouraging in your students to achieve a growth mindset?

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We pulled together this helpful list of healthy habits to enable a growth mindset in math.

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  • Put in effort: Math does have a purpose and putting in effort to understand will lead to success.
  • Believe in yourself: Change is possible. Remind yourself that you are capable of learning.
  • Have grit: Hard work will lead to success and understanding.
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  • Take risks: Failure isn’t the end of the world—it’s an opportunity to learn.
  • Persevere: Don’t give up on yourself. Despite mistakes, keep looking for a successful solution.
  • Embrace criticism: Constructive criticism can help you see things in a different way.
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  • Solve problems: Try different ways to find a solution.
  • Seek challenges: Take risks and try things that seem difficult.
  • Be resilient: Pick yourself up from failure and tackle the next challenge.


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