How to Teach Multiplying Fractions

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You can build on students’ interest and excitement about extra-curricular activities by using real-life, authentic math activities when teaching multiplying fractions. When possible, ask your students about what they like and use those topics for math examples. Check out the below activity that connects multiplying fractions to soccer.

Multiplying Fractions Lesson Plan

In this Spark Your Learning activity for grade 5, which comes from HMH Into Math, students are presented with a scenario in which soccer players kick balls down a field. Students will learn how to represent multiplication of fractions by drawing visual models, analyzing hypothetical examples of student work, and creating equations. Students are encouraged to evaluate possible solutions to problems and to pose their own mathematical questions, building their critical thinking skills. You'll find this resource available to download below as a Microsoft PowerPoint file so that you can edit them to fit your class's needs.


Find more ideas to teach multiplication with HMH Into Math, a core mathematics curriculum for grades K–8 that inspires students to see the value and purpose of math in their daily lives through rewarding, real-life activities and lessons.

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