Honoring the Life and Legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rbg hero

What hasn’t been said about Ruth Bader Ginsburg? She was a pioneer in the legal field and an inspiration to working mothers everywhere. She was a feminist and fighter for equality. She was a role model to generations of women and even a pop culture icon on top of it all.

Ginsburg understood that both men and women were constrained by the roles that society had thrust upon them, that sex discrimination harmed men as well as women, and she fought to bring about a world where gender equality reigned. Her goal was justice and humanity, and she used reason and common sense to get there. She changed lives by dismantling barriers based on gender that were keeping women and men from leading their fullest lives.

Ginsburg will be remembered as much for her dissenting opinions as those for the majority, and that’s reflected in the HMH biography for ages 12 and up titled Dissenter on the Bench by Victoria Ortiz. It tells Justice Ginsburg’s life story through the landmark cases of her career, interwoven with her life story, and illustrated with archival photographs.

She was an inspiration in so many ways, and we are so proud at HMH to have played a small role in telling the world her story.

Dissenter on the bench