Grades 1–2 Science Activities: Up in the Sky

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Grades 1–2 Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Up in the Sky

Welcome! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities to engage your child in a scientific exploration of objects Up in the Sky. So, let’s begin!

Exploring Up in the Sky with Labs and Activities

Observe the Pattern of the Sun

In this activity, children explore the sun’s apparent movement across the daytime sky. Try to arrange times to observe the sun’s position in the morning, at noon, and in the afternoon on two different days. This activity takes approximately 10 minutes of observation over two days.

Observe Patterns of Sunset

In this activity, children compare what time the sun seems to set in three different seasons. You will need access to a computer. This activity takes approximately 45 minutes.

Read About Things Up in the Sky!

Rain or Shine

Let’s read about the different ways scientists measure and study weather patterns.

By the North Star

Can you see the North Star from where you are? Read on to learn how to find North Star or other stars in the night sky.

Sun Time!

How does your shadow change during the day? What is a sundial? Read on to find out!

Talk about what you learned about things Up in the Sky this week with your friends and family!


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This blog, originally published in 2020, has been updated for 2022.