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Fun 3rd Grade Math Games & Activities for the Classroom

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Looking for fun math activities for 3rd grade? You've come to the right place!

3rd Grade Math Activities

No matter where you are in the year, what your students' levels are, and whether the classroom is in-person or virtual, we have a wide variety of third grade math games and activities for you. Take a look.

Puzzles About 100

  • Fluently use operations within 100
  • Reason abstractly and spatially

The number 100 is a big deal. It pops up when we talk about place value and percent, and it's one of the most intimidating base ten blocks! These five puzzles about the number 100 will get your third grade kids' noggins spinning. Challenge your kids to practice not only their operations within 100 but also their abstract-thinking skills. These are all appropriate for the 3rd grade classroom with versions available for both the student and teacher.

Money Matters

  • Solve word problems involving money and fractions
  • Investigate details of U.S. and foreign coins

Take a peek at our Forgotten Stories of the Oregon Trail activity series, which are far more than just third grade math activities. They span all grades and touch on every subject while exploring 19th-century stories of women, Native American, and African American explorers and trailblazers. Students investigate what coins were like along the Oregon trail, including a strange-sounding six and one-fourth cent piece. There is a student version and teacher guide available.

In Our Corner of Space

  • Operations with numbers over 1 million
  • Model the solar system with mathematics

Make math fun by making it big. For third graders ready for a challenge, have them compare distances around the solar system. Students get an interstellar taste of how math is used in the real world. In this activity, which includes a student version and teacher guide, students also learn about the planets in our solar system by reading a passage and drawing them.

Find the Area!

  • Calculate the area of rectangles

Spin the spinners and make some rectangles! This math game has students playing a two-person game where both players use the spinners to generate the dimensions of rectangles, and whoever's rectangle has greater area wins the round. This game works well virtually by having the players roll a number cube they own or search for a virtual spinner. For more games and activities like this, check out HMH Into Math.

Coins in the U.S.

  • Develop understanding of fractions with denominators through 10
  • Investigate details of U.S. coins

Talk about money! Ka-ching! Dive into why a quarter is called a quarter, and get kids practicing social studies skills by researching and analyzing the coin minting process. This activity includes a student and teacher version.

Auto Addition

  • Perform 2- and 3-digit addition

Your kiddos might not be allowed to drive yet, but they can still race to the picnic! In this game, players take turns solving addition problems and checking each other's work. The first player to reach the picnic wins the game. For more games and activities like this, check out HMH Math Expressions.

Inventing Toys

  • Model a business with mathematics
  • Represent and solve problems involving multiplication

Get your third graders imagining they are hustling in the toy industry. They're responsible for the trendy Abuelito and Abuelita dolls that are sweeping the country. This lesson includes a student and teacher version.

You and your students will need the Important Facts below to complete the lesson.

  • Each Abuelita doll comes in a box that is 8 inches wide.
  • There are 4 boxes in 1 carton.
  • Abuelita Rosa sings 6 songs.
  • Abuelito Pancho sings 4 songs.
  • Javier sings 5 songs.
  • Baby Andrea and Baby Tita each sing 5 songs.
  • Baby Mimi plays music but does not sing.

Add Mentally!

  • Fluently add within 100
  • Critique the reasoning of others

Turn adding numbers in your head into 3rd grade math games! Players challenge each other with mental addition problems using cards as half of the addends. Note that this game requires cutting out and making cards. If playing virtually, either be the game show host displaying the cards or ensure that all players have a set of cards. If they have index cards or paper and scissors, they can make them themselves! For more games and activities like this, check out Math in Focus.

More 3rd Grade Math Activities

Looking for more than just math games for Grade 3? Try our free games and activities for all subjects and all grades!

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