8 Great Classroom Management Resources for Teachers 

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Are you looking for ways to better manage your classroom? Look no further. Below is a list of some of the most innovative and effective tricks and tools for every aspect of classroom management. From organization to managing student behavior, we’ve got you covered. Browse through each section, take what you need, and start putting the pieces in place for the best school year yet!

Helpful Resources for Classroom Management

Classroom Design

Explore a collection of resources to help you design your classroom to provide students with an optimal learning environment.

1. The Science of Classroom Design by Bournemouth English Book Centre (BEBC)

Find research-based tips on classroom layouts, including walls, lighting, and strategic coloring. Who knew that fixing up a classroom was so scientific?

2. Classroom Layout Ideas Board on Pinterest

Teachers are always looking for unique ways to set up student’s desks. This Pinterest board shows over sixty different ways to group students for better learning. I’ve used Wing number 5 and 6 in my classroom in the past.

3. DIY Classroom Flexible Seating Ideas on Shaped

Learn simple and inexpensive ways to add flexible seating in your classroom.

4. Classroom Environment Ideas on Pinterest

Once you’ve designed a layout and put it in place, you’ll be ready to decorate. Scrolling through these classroom environment images is a great way to spark some creative ideas of your own.


Organization plays a big part in classroom management. Below are resources to help you organize your classroom.

5. Classroom Library Organization Tips on Shaped

Get tips on how to organize your classroom library to make it the go-to spot for your students.

Classroom rules and procedures

Setting up classroom rules and procedures help students know what to expect each day. Find resources to create clear classroom rules and procedures in your classroom. 

6. Podcast: Tapping Pencils and Classroom Management with Stacy Salter on Teachers in America

Teacher Stacy Salter shares how build student relationships through classroom management.

Student behavior

Looking for a way to motivate students? Find resources to promote positive behaviors in your classroom.

7. The Ultimate List of PBIS Incentives by PBIS Rewards

This comprehensive list created by PBIS Rewards can be used in connection with any classroom management plan. Some of the incentives listed are tangible things like colored pencils and bookmarks, while others are privilege-based (i.e., create a craft or dress up as your favorite character). There are also recognition ideas on the list, such as getting to lead morning announcements or the lunch line.

Managing instructional time

Manage your teaching time with the following tips. 

8. Bell Ringer Exercises by

One of the hardest parts of being a teacher is juggling teaching and administrative duties. If you need to keep your students busy while you take roll or put objectives on the board, bell work is the way to go — not just any bell work, though. Edutopia’s Todd Finley created a cover-all inventory of some of the best bell ringer exercises for every single subject.

This article was adapted from a blog post initially developed by the education technology company Classcraft, which was acquired by HMH in 2023. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of HMH.


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