Micro-Intervention Video Library

Amira Learning® Demo

Discover how Amira Learning employs scaffolded support to differentiate small-group, independent practice, or homework across all five pillars of reading in English and Spanish.

Sight Recognition

Spell Out

Sight Word Repeat

Sight Word Repeat (Spanish)

Phonological Awareness


Phonemic Sound Out (Word)

Word Investigator

Sound Seeker

 Elkonin Box (Spanish)


Up and Down

Lip Sync by Syllable (Word)

Lip Sync (Spanish)

Lip Sync by Phoneme

Guided Sound Out

Word Display

Provide A Sound (Spanish)

Guided Sound Out (Spanish)

Letter Flies

Change One Part


Provide the Definition (Word)

Definition (Spanish)

Morphemic Awareness - Suffixes

Vocab with Picture Quiz (Spanish)



Cloze Question (End of Story)

Fun Fact

Cloze Question (Spanish)

Riddle (Spanish)

Make a Prediction

Dynamic Comprehension Conversations