Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Introduces Only All-In-One Reentry Curriculum Designed for Correctional Facilities

BOSTON – Global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced its new Reentry Prerelease Program designed specifically for correctional facility education centers. According to 2011 research from the Pew Center for the States, four in ten released prisoners will violate terms of probation or commit new crimes and be reincarcerated within three years. The Reentry Prerelease Program provides resources that cover not only academics but an array of social skills, from career guidance to problem solving to relationship management, to disrupt this cycle, with the ultimate goal of success upon reentry and reduced recidivism.

The only “all-in-one” solution of its kind on the market, the Reentry Prerelease Program offers a comprehensive suite of resources. Traditionally, educators at correctional facilities have pieced together programming and curriculum materials to offer students a full spectrum of support. HMH’s program frees educators from this practice, giving them more time to focus on student success and growth.

“HMH is committed to providing opportunities for learners at all life stages, and whenever we develop content, we always look through the lens of the customer and end user,” said Jeff Angle, Vice President, Marketing, HMH. “The Reentry Prerelease Program is no different; it provides educators with diverse instructional materials that support teaching to various learning levels, and it gives offenders the chance to learn the skills to be productive citizens. As with all of our Adult Education programs, we are providing opportunity.”
Based on federal standards, HMH’s Reentry Prerelease Program emphasizes reasoning skills and can be used for local, state and federal programs. Blending relevant instruction and real-life examples across 10 easy-to-use workbooks, including topics like personal development, employment skills and money management, the Reentry Prerelease Program is relatable, accessible and well-rounded to increase students’ odds for positive futures and productive involvement in their communities, workplace and society.  

Learn more about the Reentry Prerelease Program at the Annual International Correctional Education Association Conference, Lighting the Path to Reentry, in Cleveland, June 30-July 3. 

To learn more about Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Adult Education, please visit: www.hmhco.com.

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