Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Introduces Math in Focus ©2020, Delivering Visual, Hands-On Learning to Raise Mathematical Achievement for K-8 Students

Solution aligns with the latest shifts in Singapore Math® framework used by the highest-performing students in the world, providing research-validated pedagogy with an integrated digital experience

BOSTON – Learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced the availability of Math in Focus® Singapore Math® by Marshall Cavendish® ©2020, a classroom solution for U.S. K-8 and Accelerated students that highlights problem-solving as the focus of mathematical learning. Informed by the latest shifts in the research-based Singapore Math® curriculum, as well as feedback from U.S. educators who have used the program for the past 10 years, Math in Focus ©2020 empowers all students to develop critical-thinking skills, conceptual mastery and the level of confidence needed to set the stage for long-term math achievement.

Developed by Marshall Cavendish Education, Math in Focus is the U.S. version of Singapore’s approved mathematics program My Pals are Here! and brings the renowned pedagogy behind Singapore’s high student achievement to U.S. classrooms. Students develop understanding through hands-on learning, visualization and pictorial representations, enabling them to make meaning of the numbers and symbols they encounter. Supported by global research and instructional best practices, Math in Focus provides learning experiences that emphasize student exploration, metacognition, classroom discussion and small-group instruction.

“When children can’t find the meaning in numbers and symbols, true conceptual understanding and problem-solving application become a struggle,” said Jim O’Neill, General Manager, Core Solutions at HMH. “It’s critical that all learners have meaningful experiences from a young age so they are able to approach each topic with confidence and enthusiasm. Math in Focus ensures K-8 students achieve mastery of key foundational concepts and skills so they develop the ability to solve problems flexibly and effectively on their journey to Algebra readiness.”

Distinctive features of Math in Focus ©2020 include:

  • Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach: Math in Focus provides hands-on learning and unique, powerful visual models that support and optimize learning, helping students visualize complex mathematical situations and make connections across numbers and operations to problem-solve effectively.

  • Online Assessments With Data and Reporting: Through Ed: Your Friend in Learning®, teachers have access to all K-8 components and resources in one integrated digital learning system. They also regain valuable student-teacher lesson time with the program’s auto-scored digital assessments including Quick Check, Independent Practice, Chapter Review and Benchmark Assessments, as well as the HMH Student Growth Measure powered by Math Inventory®. These assessments provide rich data for ongoing progress monitoring, grouping and recommended differentiation resources.

  • Step-by-Step Planning and Teacher Support: In addition to embedded professional development and point-of-use support for each section, the Teacher’s Editions provide differentiated math instruction for struggling, on-level and advanced learners, as well as English Learners. Educators also benefit from robust reporting tools that provide insight around students’ progress and mastery and identify learning gaps in order to provide the appropriate extra support.

  • Strong ESSA Rating: Math in Focus received a Strong ESSA rating based on its intentional use of the concrete-pictorial-abstract progression for each mathematical concept and skill, and the distinctive amount and quality of professional learning that teachers receive to successfully implement the program.

  • Brand-New Accelerated Pathway: A new Accelerated Pathway for advanced students in grade seven combines key concepts from ratios, proportional reasoning, and functions to develop Algebra readiness in grade eight.

For more information and to learn more about Math in Focus, please visit www.hmhco.com/programs/math-in-focus/.

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