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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Introduces English-language Reading Program for International Classrooms

BOSTON – Global learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) announced today the launch of an international version of Journeys, its market-leading K-6 English-language reading program. This program, entitled Journeys: New Frontiers, will bring the curriculum’s innovative learning tools and rigorous instructional path to an international audience for the first time.

Journeys: New Frontiers features the best-in-class content and results-proven curriculum for which HMH is known with adaptations designed specifically for use in international classrooms. These include student volumes with appropriately-paced and challenging readings and activities that meet varying levels of ability for students in non-English-language schools, as well as readers’ notebooks with tasks tied to classroom skills development in an international environment. For educators, the program includes a robust and easy-to-use teacher’s guide developed to support instructors of all backgrounds, including step-by-step lesson plans that can be adapted to suit individual classroom and language needs.

“We have seen growing demand from customers around the world for an English-language reading program that is tailor-made for students in non-English speaking countries,” said Dr. Timothy L. Cannon, Executive Vice President, International Markets and Global Strategic Alliances. “Journeys: New Frontiers delivers exactly that; it has been designed to support students and teachers around the world with a dedicated curriculum that develops strong reading and writing skills. It is not about learning English as a second language so much as learning English organically from a very young age, which is a big advantage in today’s global economy.” 

In addition to its international components, Journeys: New Frontiers offers a wide range of resources, including a comprehensive student edition as well as audio and assessment tools. Students engage in dedicated English-language only instruction that features a range of texts selected for use in classrooms around the world, as well as close reading exercises, performance tasks, and writing and critical-thinking activities.  The program’s rigorous curriculum has research-based lessons that meet the needs of all learners, with integrated instruction that includes vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking, writing, grammar and phonics, as well as dedicated teacher support.

Journeys: New Frontiers, available beginning in September 2015, ensures that students and teachers alike are given the tools they need to grow their English language abilities, enabling the development of skills that will support long-term learning goals in an increasingly globalized world. For more information, visit


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