Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Math Expressions Early Learning Resources Delivers a Targeted, Research Based Solution for Pre-K Mathematics

Program equips young learners with foundational concepts for future math success with any elementary program

BOSTON – Learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced the availability of Math Expressions Early Learning Resources, an inquiry-based classroom solution that delivers targeted, focused and research-based Pre-K instruction in mathematics. Informed by the work of mathematics educator and cognitive scientist Dr. Karen C. Fuson, Math Expressions Early Learning Resources is built on over twenty-five years of proven and tested research in early childhood education and strategies on how children learn.

Rooted in key foundational mathematical principles including number sense and geometry, Math Expressions Early Learning Resources provides young learners with a sustained classroom experience that builds confidence and prepares them for math success in Kindergarten and beyond. According to research, students who enter Kindergarten with high levels of math knowledge do better both in math and in reading in later grades.

“Today’s young learners are entering Kindergarten with varying levels of mathematical understanding.  It’s critical we work to change access to supportive and effective Pre-K math instruction,” said Jim O’Neill, General Manager, Core Solutions at HMH. “The Early Learning Resources program ensures children with diverse learning and life experiences from all backgrounds learn foundational mathematical concepts preparing them for Kindergarten and the future.”      

The program follows the pedagogical basis of Math Expressions, the research-based HMH K-6 curriculum that helps children make sense of math by exploring, discussing, and demonstrating their understanding of key concepts.

Special features of Math Expressions Early Learning Resources include:

  • Robust Educator Support: The comprehensive Teacher Guide includes multilevel teaching activities that lead to success with diverse student populations. The weekly lesson plans in the Teacher Guide include support for implementing the Learning Sessions and Math Center activities along with Teaching Notes for Classroom Management, English Learner strategies, intervention suggestions, and daily formative assessment. 

  • Learning Sessions: Thirty-minute learning sessions take place twice per week and focus on building foundational mathematics concepts that children need to understand to be successful in Kindergarten math, and provide teachers with the space to structure learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.

  • Math Talk Community: The program uses a Math Talk community approach, a key component of Math Expressions, in which ideas are elicited from children, and the teacher clarifies and extends children’s’ ideas and verbal expressions. This use of visual materials and exchange of ideas help to deepen children’s understanding of key foundational topics like number ordering and shapes.

  • Modeled After ESSA-Endorsed Math Expressions K-2 Program: Math Expressions K-2 received a strong ESSA rating that highlighted its strength as a reform-oriented curriculum that balances teaching of efficient procedures with promoting natural solution methods. The Early Learning Resources were created to foster the same high standards of concept and skill development.

  • Family Engagement: Weekly Home Connections provide ongoing communication to families, including letters that explain what students are learning and provide opportunities to demonstrate understanding. “I Can” progress reports are also distributed to parents to show what students have learned and how they are tracking against original goals.

For more information and to learn more about Math Expressions Early Learning Resources, please visit www.hmhco.com/mathexpressions.

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