HMH Introduces Math 180 Flex and Read 180 Flex to Provide Adaptable Intervention Support within the Core Classroom for Back-to-School

New enhancements to award-winning intensive intervention solutions engage students and empower teachers, fostering positive outcomes

BOSTON – As students and teachers nationwide settle into a new school year, learning technology company HMH today announced enhancements to its best-in-class intervention solutions Read 180 and Math 180 to extend teachers’ capabilities and support and engage learners. Seamless integration of Read 180 and Math 180 within Ed, HMH’s connected learning platform, and an enhanced application streamline the learning experience to be anytime, anywhere intervention that can be utilized within the core classroom.

“Our goal at HMH is to continually enhance our solutions by listening to our customers’ needs and implementing innovative methods, tools and technologies to address those needs,” said Matthew Mugo Fields, HMH General Manager, Supplemental and Intervention Solutions. “We know students are in need of dedicated intervention support within their core classroom. Read 180 and Math 180 are uniquely positioned to boost student outcomes and engagement and the new enhancements deepen their ability to foster a successful and positive environment that supports the diverse needs of all learners, wherever they are."

A recent study from NWEA, a division of HMH, examining the impacts of COVID-19 on student achievement, estimated that most students need, on average, an additional 4.5 months of mathematics instruction and 4.1 months of reading instruction to recover in these two subjects. Learners who are more than one year behind now have the support they need with Math 180 and Read 180’s new offering, Flex. Flex offers targeted instruction that addresses students’ individual learning needs, enabling teachers to include intensive intervention in their core classroom. The adaptive student applications harness the power of technology and research-proven practices to accelerate learning and build knowledge with connection to careers and real-world applications. Along with the student application, the embedded service includes reporting and assessments, differentiated instruction, supplemental resources and access to HMH’s personalized and on-demand professional learning, Teacher Success Pathways.

New & Expanded Intervention Features

Whether HMH’s intervention solutions are being used in a core or dedicated intervention classroom, Read 180 and Math 180 offer the powerful combination of engaging content and adaptive technology that is proven to accelerate students with gaps in foundational skills, helping them achieve an average of up to two years growth in one school year. The solutions have been validated through classroom success and third-party recognition, most recently being named winners in Tech & Learning’s 2023 Back to School Awards of Excellence. This year, new back-to-school enhancements include:

  • Reporting Enhancements: Teachers using Read 180 and Math 180 now have access to improved reporting features in the Program Activity Report (PAR). Within Read 180, the updated report includes skills-level data for comprehension and/or foundational skills. Within Math 180, new reporting includes an overview tab, and four performance levels for comprehensive student progress assessment.
  • NWEA MAP® Growth™ Placement: As HMH recently announced, customers using MAP Growth and connected solutions Read 180, Math 180 and Waggle will benefit from automatic placement. Using MAP Growth scores, students will be placed directly into their appropriate portion of the student application.
  • Leader Reporting: Leadership Program Activity Report (PAR) provides school and district administrators with aggregated average class and student data, including highlights of the district's overall Student Application usage.
  • Enhanced Math 180 Multilingual Learner Student Supports: Multilingual students can toggle between English and Spanish within the student application for full translations.
  • Enhanced Math 180 Multilingual Learner Teacher Supports: For teachers, WIDA supports are also included in Math 180 with “Language Support at a Glance” resources aligned to the 2020 WIDA ELD Framework.
  • Read 180 Student Application Enhancements: Read 180 includes instruction from phonics to fluency to grade-level proficiency. The Student Application’s all-new interface includes accessibility improvements, as well as additional supports for multilingual learners.
  • Read 180 Bookshelf: Students have the option to browse and select respectful and engaging independent reading materials recommended to them based on their interests and reading level or choose from the library. The "My Reading Goals" section allows them to track words read, books completed and quiz points for self-monitoring.

“In a seventh-grade classroom, we often see some students working below grade level and others working two grades above grade level. Solutions like Math 180 and Read 180 allow teachers to meet every student where they are by pinpointing appropriate interventions and supports. They enable students to turn their academic lives around; they literally take a 180-degree turn,” said Dr. John Dignan, Superintendent, Wayne-Westland Community Schools. “We’re excited to start the year using NWEA MAP for Read 180 and Math 180 placement, eliminating the need to administer another assessment for the teachers and students, and look forward to benefiting from better reporting and flexibility. We are hopeful this will lead to positive outcomes for our students.”

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