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HMH Introduces Connected Foundational Skills Solution Combining Explicit Phonics Instruction and 1:1 AI-driven Tutoring

HMH’s connected teaching and learning approach brings together best of all worlds with Amira Learning + Saxon Phonics & Spelling, providing research-backed foundational reading support for youngest learners

BOSTON – Learning technology company HMH today announced a new connected teaching and learning solution featuring Amira Learning® + Saxon Phonics & Spelling®, to support foundational literacy in K-2 classrooms. Rooted in science of reading research and backed by ESSA-strong evidence bases, this joint solution is designed to complement a comprehensive language arts program with a dynamic mix of print and digital resources that connect explicit, systematic phonics instruction with reading tutoring for students at all levels.

HMH’s connected approach brings together best-in-class solutions in ways that are uniquely integrated to empower teaching and learning for all students. In alignment with the explicit, systematic and cumulative instruction that the science of reading has shown is critical, Amira + Saxon Phonics & Spelling provides a simple way to pair explicit phonics instruction with 1:1 reading tutoring for all students, whether they are demonstrating below, average or above grade-level reading proficiency.

“We know that what teachers need now are streamlined, evidence-based solutions that can support students at all achievement levels,” says Matthew Mugo Fields, EVP and general manager of supplemental and intervention solutions at HMH. “At HMH, we know that a connected approach that pairs innovative and proven solutions, like the AI technology of Amira and Saxon Phonics & Spelling’s tried and true instruction is what creates a new, gold-standard solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Research-based and proven effective through years of classroom success, Saxon Phonics & Spelling®’s structured literacy approach to teaching phonics and spelling concepts is based on foundational research in science of reading and cognitive science and explicitly teaches phonemic awareness and phonics. Award-winning Amira, the first-of-its-kind voice AI-based reading tutor for students, and itself the culmination of 20+ years of reading research, is known for its use of state-of-the-art speech recognition and powerful AI software to provide 1:1 reading tutoring, oral fluency assessment, and dyslexia screening.

Within this blended language arts solution, the focus is upon foundational skills growth for the whole class through individualized practice and AI-driven tutoring. Amira will recommend print Saxon resources and Saxon fluency titles will be available in Amira. Amira assessment will drive instructional recommendations in the classroom and provide valuable 1:1 digital reading tutoring to support differentiated independent reading.

Saxon’s multisensory approach focuses on helping learners of varying ability levels, specifically dyslexic students, and was created by author Lorna Simmons, a certified language retaining therapist, to help her dyslexic son learn to read. In addition, built-in differentiated content and English learner support gives teachers tips and strategies to support students at all levels –striving, on-target, or those in need of an extra challenge – while providing an additional focus on skills taught during the lesson.

Ideal for in-person and virtual, Amira works to provide an evolving portrait of the class’s progress. In partnership with HMH, Amira is already used in thousands of classrooms across the U.S. and has been shown to increase mastery, fluency and confidence in reading. Recent impact data tracking “Words Correct Per Minute” from districts show that students who used Amira frequently demonstrated almost double the reading growth of students who didn’t use Amira.

On-demand professional learning resources through Teacher’s Corner™ and live events on HMH’s connected teaching and learning platform, Ed® provide teacher support on the Science of Reading, Foundational Skills, and differentiation, to support help guide the Amira + Saxon Phonics & Spelling classroom.

HMH’s connected approach has been validated through classroom success and third-party recognition, with HMH connected solution, Writable with HMH Into Literature, known for intuitively combining core instruction, adaptive assessments and writing practice, recently named Best English Language Arts Solution for Grades 9-12 for the second time by the SIIA CODiE Awards.

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