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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and HISTORY® Unveil New Social Studies iBooks® Textbooks for the Apple® iPad®

BOSTON -- Global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) and A&E Television Networks (AETN), the award-winning global media content company today announced the availability of two popular co-branded high school social studies iBooks textbooks for the Apple iPad. Available on the iBookstore℠, The Americans and World History: Patterns of Interaction represent the next step in the revolutionary partnership of HMH and HISTORY® which aims to bring engaging educational experiences to tech-savvy students.  While full versions will not be available for purchase until August 1, a sample chapter of The Americans is now available on the iBookstore.

“HMH has been working with Apple since the early development of this tool and we are very excited to be among the first education companies to publish such rich and unique instructional material for students,” said Bethlam Forsa, Executive Vice President, Global Product and Content Development, HMH.  “These iBooks textbooks are more than textbooks transferred to an e-reader, but rather interactive, living texts that enable further immersion in the subject.”

HMH’s iBooks textbooks maximize the opportunities for interactive multimedia, making each title an ideal choice for today’s student. Using audio, video, student interactives, and a vast library of video from HISTORY®, a division of AETN, students see U.S. history not as something to be memorized but as an ongoing narrative to be understood. Each multi-touch and visually engaging iBooks textbook offers rich, magazine-style design plus embedded interactive features to maximize learning engagement and higher-order thinking skills.  Special features include:

  • HISTORY® videos that provide in-depth engagement
  • Audio clips of section summaries
  • Photo galleries to illustrate the content
  • Engaging, interactive features such as 3D graphics and animated maps
  • Section quizzes
Specific iBooks textbook functionality includes:

  • Highlight Text—allows students to highlight what’s personally important to them
  • Notes—allows students to add point-of-use notes and create study cards
  • Note Search—allows students to refer to previous notes while studying
  • Bookmark—allows students to flag content for quick referral
  • Search—allows students to easily find content of interest throughout the iBook
In January 2012, Apple announced iBooks 2 for iPad, a new platform offering full-screen, interactive digital textbooks.  HMH was one of the first major partners with Apple on this endeavor.  This initiative is the next step in HMH’s quest to provide its award-winning content on an array of digital devices.  The iBooks textbook versions of The Americans and World History follow an already impressive suite of mobile apps and eTextbooks that transform learning by providing students with new, engaging ways to interact with subject matter.

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