Edison Township Becomes First School District in NJ to Use HMH FuseTM- The Breakthrough Algebra Curriculum on Apple iPad

BOSTON — Global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced a year-long pilot program for its innovative digital math program HMH Fuse™: Algebra 1 App in Edison Township School District.  The district will lead the way this fall as the first in NJ to integrate a curriculum completely executed on a tablet device. Sixty high school students will participate in a benchmark study during the 2011-12 school year, which will seek to identify the benefits of HMH’s digital program.  The Fuse students’ progress will be measured against a control group in a traditional classroom.

The innovative, forward-thinking school district saw HMH Fuse as the perfect way to reach their students, who are right at home with the digital nature of the curriculum.

“In order to have our students fulfill their potential as leaders and innovators in a global economy, we must engage them in the education process ,” said Dr. Richard O’Malley, Superintendent, Edison Township School District. “As the first school in NJ to introduce HMH Fuse, we are bringing cutting edge technology into our classrooms, and then back home with the students to create an ongoing digital learning environment that fosters individualized education.” 

The HMH Fuse: Algebra 1 app is the first-ever full-curriculum algebra app created for the iPad.  As the digital age sweeps into classrooms all over the world, educators are in increasing need of programs that present world-class content in ways that will attract and connect with students that have grown up with tablets and laptops.  The app is designed to deliver Algebra 1 curriculum in a way that engages tech−savvy 21st century students. Students receive step−by−step animated instruction, instant feedback on practice questions, the ability to write, record and save notes, and access to over 400 video tutorials with the touch of a finger. The app′s programming combines instruction with ongoing support and intervention, allowing teachers and students to customize learning and meet individual needs. The app also helps teachers monitor performance with real−time student−specific feedback via Wi−Fi.

HMH Fuse represents a quantum leap forward in the use of technology to educate our students. Teachers in California who have used HMH Fuse in their classrooms are already reporting dramatic gains in student engagement,” said Mike Lavelle, President, HMH Education Group.  “Students are no longer simply receivers of information, but instead are interacting with the program and taking an active role in their own education.”

In addition to moving forward with an innovative new math curriculum, the school district will be starting Journeys – a core reading program by HMH that was designed at the school and classroom level by classroom teachers. In addition to bringing reading, writing, and vocabulary to life for thousands of students, Journeys also employs leading technology through student e-books, leveled readers online, and write-in readers online.  Journeys includes support for the wide ranging needs of the everyday classroom, such as ELL and intervention programs, and is also structured to provide continuous assessment of student progress throughout each unit.

For more information about HMH Fuse, visit www.hmheducation.com/fuse.

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