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Bridgeport Public Schools and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Partner to Implement District-Wide Academic Reform, Learning Transformation

Global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced a comprehensive partnership with Bridgeport Public Schools (BPS), to stimulate an overall boost in student achievement through a strategic blend of new curriculum, robust digital platforms, and services such as professional development and customized student assessments. 

The agreement makes HMH a key school district solutions provider - preparing to kick off the 2013 Good Schools Bridgeport initiative, a district-wide program meant to improve academic achievement and overall school operations.

“HMH is in a unique position to partner with Bridgeport Public Schools and facilitate its academic goals, both in the short and long term,” said Linda K. Zecher, President and CEO, HMH.  “By enriching its core curriculum and providing a holistic instructional management system, we enable everyone in the education ecosystem to succeed.”

HMH closely worked with Bridgeport Public Schools educators to identify specific needs and built a customized solution that would fully address each of its goals.  Bridgeport Public Schools sought a unified approach and the infusion of HMH’s world-class content, managed and measured by its digital platforms and services.  Bridgeport Public Schools wanted a true education partner equipped to provide the full spectrum of services.

“HMH very much understands our goal of transforming the school district, and has a strategic plan to help us succeed at the highest level possible,” said Paul Vallas, Superintendent Bridgeport Public Schools.  “We are striving for dramatic academic reform district-wide, which is exactly what we believe this partnership will achieve.”

The partnership employs HMH products and services to create a fully-integrated district information solution that will bring together students, teachers, parents, and administrators of Bridgeport Public Schools in one continuous, holistic learning environment.  Bridgeport Public School educators will employ DataDirector, which allows users to combine, utilize, compare, and refine data from multiple sources and formats.  The platforms will boost parent engagement, promote connectivity, and accurately assess student progress.

Based on Bridgeport Public School requirements, the partnership will provide core curriculum enrichment in the areas of reading literacy, mathematics, and science.  Programs selected for the coming school year include Journeys, one of HMH’s core reading programs that provide systematic instruction in the areas of reading, fluency, writing, speaking, listening, and language; Math in Focus, the popular U.S. edition of Singapore’s most widely used program, My Pals Are Here!; and ScienceFusion, which utilizes a unique combination of digital, print, and hands-on curricula to help students develop key skills related to earth, life, physical, and natural science.

HMH’s Educational Consulting Services (ECS) will also offer quality and powerful research-based professional development training for the educators of Bridgeport Public Schools.  ECS supports educators' work with PreK-12 grade teachers in topics that cover Common Core Standards, reading, writing, math, science, ELL, intervention, STEM, educational leadership, instructional coaching, and technology integration.

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