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Shaping Student Success

We’ve created a powerful digital platform to support K–12 teachers and improve student outcomes.

Bring students back to grade level this summer.

This summer, dive into intensive intervention with proven results. Easily integrate our research-based intervention programs, complete with ready-to-go implementation plans, and utilize ESSER funds for summer learning to assist students in achieving grade-level proficiency.

We’re committed to meeting every student’s unique needs.

Is your intervention working? Ours changes lives.

Our research-backed, intensive intervention programs can now be implemented in core classrooms. Available in reading and math—and more affordable than ever.

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What does the best in personalized learning look like?

Give your students access to an Avatar reading tutor, customizable writing assignments and feedback, and personalized digital math and ELA practice sessions. We have something for every learner.

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We design programs and partnerships with the supports teachers need most.

We’ve developed our learning platform with teachers’ busy lives in mind, putting core instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning in one place for a streamlined experience.

Hear from educators in Henry County, GA on their partnership with HMH:

“You’ve got this district that’s asking for something different than a vendor relationship. And ... the one company that really could envision this concept of partnership with us in a way that no one else could was HMH.”

— Melissa Morse, Chief Learning & Performance Officer, Henry County Schools, GA

Stay Informed and Inspired with Free Resources

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Teachers in America Podcast: Reading Intervention Advice from My 35 Years in Education

Jennie Mau, a Read 180 teacher from the Clovis Unified School District in California, shares her favorite reading instructional strategies and tools that have helped her students thrive.

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9 Trends in Education to Watch in 2024

How will districts across the country address AI? Are more schools changing to a four-day week? Experts in EdTech, economics, teacher professional development, and more share the latest trends that are worth watching.

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A Fresh Approach to Intervention Is Boosting Student Achievement in a Michigan District

Hear from educators about a new approach to intervention that’s raising student achievement in the Wayne-Westland Community School District, outside Detroit, MI.

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