Teacher Modeling Kit Grade 1-9780547836522

Teacher Modeling Kit Grade 1

Oversized version of unique Math Expressions manipulatives for whole-class discussion. Grade 1 set includes: Counting Tens and Ones Flip Chart; Time Poster; 120 Poster; Number Parade Poster; Number Pattern Poster; Giant Number Cards; Number Cards; Demonstration Secret Code Cards; Class Demonstration Sticky Board; Manipulite 2-Dimensional Shapes (10 sets of 38); Manipulite 3-Dimensional Shapes (10 sets of 21)

  • Grade: 1
  • Material Type: Resource Materials
  • Format: Kit
  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9780547836522
  • ISBN-10: 054783652X
  • Product Code: 1498820
  • National/State: National
  • Copyright Year: 2013

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