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McDougal Littell Literature Student Edition Grade 6
Grade 6
Beginning with the striking covers, McDougal Littell Literature invites students to explore the world of art, literature, and life's big questions.Big Questions
Life is full of questions. Start every lesson with a great conversation about the meaningful issues in all students lives as a gateway to literature.Book Organization
The unique organization around clusters of standards allows for the teaching of major literary concepts across genre. Standards that belong together are taught together.Students analyze fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and media across clusters of standards, such as:

    -Plot, Conflict, and Setting
    -Narrative Structure
    -Author's Purpose
    -Argument and Persuasion
    -Mood, Tone, and StyleVisual Literacy
Art in the program supports learning. A full-page of fine art or photography at the beginning of every selection builds background, sets cultural context, and supports literary study without giving away the ending.Media Literacy
Students learn media terminology, write in response to media, and produce their own media. The accompanying MediaSmart DVD-ROM provides film clips, news items, political ads, documentaries, commercials, and other media for analysis.Research Unit
Every level includes an entire unit devoted to research. A Research Strategies Workshop teaches major skills, such as creating research questions, selecting and evaluating sources, using the Internet, and note taking. A Research Writing Workshop takes students through the research process, step by step.
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