Grades K–12

Teacher's Corner

A treasure trove of bite-size professional learning resources

We want you to feel confident teaching with our programs—and that comes with ongoing support. Teacher’s Corner gives you the support you want with an ever-growing library of professional learning resources from authentic classroom videos to tips from other teachers and our team of experienced coaches.

Whether you want to quickly prep for a lesson or invest time in your professional growth, we have trusted resources to enhance your instruction and classroom tomorrow.

Teacher's Corner—a place just for you

On-Demand, But Not One Size Fits All

With a variety of on-demand content at point of use and in our library, Teacher’s Corner empowers teachers to choose the bite-sized content or more comprehensive media that’s right for them.

Curated, Trusted Content

Instructional recommendations on Teacher’s Corner align to research-based practices and come from prominent thought leaders, experienced coaches, and practicing and former teachers.

Relevant & Ready for Tomorrow’s Instruction

Teacher’s Corner provides the most highly requested teacher resource: authentic classroom videos and articles from teachers who are currently teaching with HMH programs.

A Community of Live Support

Live Events offer teachers opportunities to connect with HMH® coaches and each other over everything from groundbreaking new author research to facilitated group discussions.

Always Connected, Always Talking, Always Engaged—

Teacher’s Corner provides a digital-first learning experience that gives you the support needed to successfully implement and sustain the HMH Connected Teaching and Learning programs below as part of your program subscription.

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