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Michael DiSpezio
Phenomena-Based Learning
Join Michael DiSpezio for an introduction to phenomena-based learning. Discover how real-world phenomena and local experiences offer a rich and engaging landscape that motivates students and supports a multidisciplinary approach… Learn more
Margo Dye
Phenomenal Phenomena and Beyond!
Learn ways to use simple phenomena to spark curiosity and peak student interest in elementary science topics with Margo Dye. We’ll uncover ideas to take learning further and incorporate the… Learn more
Brian Joseph
Phenomenal Phenomena for Middle School
NGSS content instruction moves away from separate silos of information to connected content in coherent storylines. In this workshop, Brian Joseph will lead participants through the different types of phenomena… Learn more
John Galisky
Using Phenomena to Engage Students in the Science and Engineering Practices
If the Disciplinary Core Ideas are what scientists know, and the Crosscutting Concepts are the way scientists think, then the Science and Engineering Practices describe what scientists do. And what… Learn more
Anthony Little
High School Science is Phenomenal
Using phenomena in the high school classroom anchors student learning in real-world contexts. Students won’t just learn about science facts but, more importantly, they will learn to ask questions about… Learn more
Dr. Thomas O’Brien
Fundamental Science Stories: 3D Edutainment at its Best
Science “stories” begin with FUNomena that need explanation.  This chemistry-based webinar with Thomas O'Brien will discuss a multi-chapter, NGSS-framed story that will be used as an example of the broader… Learn more
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