Rigby JillE Literacy®

Engage. Empower. Excel.

Boost K–3 literacy through captivating stories, poems, and informational texts, with built-in support for reaching and teaching all learners.

Strengthen Fundamental Skills

JillE Literacy has the power to unlock students’ potential by introducing them to materials—available digitally and in print—with embedded support for language and literacy, critical thinking, and prosocial skills.

Enrich Language through Rhythm and Rhyme

As students read and engage with JillE Literacy’s unique poetry cards, the rhythmical, rhyming texts build oral language and reading fluency, along with a variety of grade-level literacy skills.


Implement Science-Based Instruction

Based on the essential elements of literacy research, support is embedded in every resource to show when, where, and how to teach skills across all literacy strands—taking the guesswork out of science-based reading instruction.


Invigorate Core Reading Routines

JillE Literacy integrates with HMH Into Reading® routines, encompassing whole-class teaching, small-group materials, and independent practice. Lessons are fast-paced to captivate students, ease transitions, and accommodate the demands of a busy instructional day.


Since using these books, I have noticed a huge jump in the achievement of my kids. . . . The books have really made reading come alive.

Ginny Ives

Assistant Principal

Support for Teachers and Students

Student Experience

Embedded Social and Emotional Learning

Every fiction title in JillE Literacy was intentionally written to engage students on a personal level. Compelling stories feature relatable characters and plotlines that encourage exploration of emotions, empathy, and connection.


Diverse Texts and Representation

This unique collection of stories, poems, and informational texts reflects a range of cultures, experiences, and perspectives, ensuring students encounter content that resonates with their backgrounds and expands their understanding of the world.


A Bridge from Reading to Writing

JillE Literacy provides activities in every book that scaffold language and comprehension skills and help students apply them to writing.

Teacher Experience

Integrated Professional Learning

Embedded resources for whole-class and small-group reading instruction enhance instructional strategies, build confidence, and streamline planning efforts.


Customizable Instruction

JillE Literacy supports differentiated reading instruction and individual student needs. Using the program’s flexibility, teachers can address specific skill gaps and adapt content to suit their classroom dynamics.


Systematic Support for Phonics and Decoding

Explicit instruction and practice opportunities combined with authentic reading experiences ensure students build strong foundational reading skills, enhancing their overall reading proficiency.


Professional Learning for Teacher and Leader Success

HMH offers support with JillE Literacy implementation, plus additional professional learning for educators.

  • Teacher’s Corner

    Teacher’s Corner® on Ed offers yearlong access to professional learning, with live events and on-demand content that support teachers in implementing programs, organizing classrooms, and learning best practices.

  • Coaching and Courses

    Get unlimited 1:1 instructional coaching sessions online via Ed and a blend of online or in-person professional learning experiences delivered by an HMH instructional coach.

  • Leader Support

    Leaders receive targeted support to drive innovation and navigate challenges within their district.


Engage young readers, empower teachers, and help every student excel with JillE Literacy.

Insights & Resources

Discover small-group strategies, interactive read-aloud materials, and other resources for effective literacy instruction.

JillE Literacy: Research Foundations

This document delves into JillE Literacy’s research-proven approaches, strategies, and practices that support educators in teaching the skills students need to become successful readers and writers.

Rigby JillE Literacy: Systematic Support of Phonics & Decoding

Download this white paper to learn how JillE supports phonics and decoding.

Bridging the Gap from Knowledge to Implementation

Download this resource to learn more about how JillE Literacy supports teachers with practical, easy-to-use resources that help them make the crucial shift to evidence-based reading instruction.

Engage young readers, empower teachers, and help every student excel.

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