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English learners bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives to U.S. classrooms. Many have overcome significant challenges to acquire interpersonal communication skills. However, they may struggle to reach the next milestone—proficiency with academic language. HMH® designed the research-proven program, Escalate English®, to ensure learners actively engage with grade-level content and stay on track for college- and career-readiness.

This CODiE® Award-winning program helps students bridge the gap between conversational English and the academic language they need to achieve. In partnership with EL educators, we can provide a learning path that helps English learners realize their potential, embrace the power of biliteracy, and prepare for lifelong learning.

Increases academic language proficiency for striving English learners

Provides dynamic access to digital content that breaks down learning barriers

Prepares students to meet today’s more rigorous standards

High expectations for higher achievement

Escalate English challenges students to actively engage with rich, grade-level content and to use academic language while providing them state-of-the-art support.

Intensive instruction that challenges and supports students in engaging with rigorous content accelerates language learning.

Active language production through daily discussion, writing, listening, and speaking  helps students build proficiency.

Scaffolded support, interactive tools, and rich multimedia afford students success with grade-level content.

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Immerse students in both academic language and grade level content.

The Escalate English curriculum reflects the simple truth that we learn English best by actively using it. Students gain confidence through supported opportunities to read and discuss compelling selections, share their insights through structured oral and written responses, and work collaboratively with other students.

Deliver Effective Language Learning

One way to assess how Escalate English delivers on high student expectations is to view the program through the learner’s experience. Using academic language efficiently helps ELs engage with academic grade-level content that grows their ability to recount, explain, argue and discuss. (WIDA Can Do Descriptors, Key Uses Edition).

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At point of reference, teachers deliver prompts that encourage students to Recount using spoken and written academic language.


A core learning routine calls for students to Explain key ideas, processes, and phenomena in response to ongoing teacher prompts.


Students use example language and text structures in Escalate English to develop their own arguments, orally and in writing.


With support in every lesson in the form of step-by-step guidelines, students experience success with language production at high depth-of-knowledge levels.

Student Experience

Teacher Experience

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“To be successful in school, ELs need ample opportunities to interact with complex text and thought by listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It’s more than just learning English—it’s learning in English!”

Dr. Elena Izquierdo Program Author

Explore the instruction in Escalate English more thoroughly with a content overview brochure, program component details, and correlations that indicate how the ELD and ELA standards are addressed.

Increase academic language comprehension and production

Students learn language best by using it. Escalate English gives students abundant and varied opportunities to engage with, and demonstrate, academic English and to build their ability to recount, explain, argue, and discuss (WIDA Can Do Descriptors, Key Uses Edition).

Tackle rigorous content

From day one, students engage with compelling, thought-provoking content presented in a variety of formats. Language instruction provided in a dynamic blended learning environment gives students multiple ways to access and engage with text.  

Master grade-level content and literacy requirements

Built on today’s rigorous EL and ELD standards, Escalate English combines high expectations with appropriate support to make grade-level content accessible to all learners and ensure mastery of grade-level standards.

Acquire language to communicate effectively and confidently

Through active, intensive academic language learning, Escalate English helps English learners who have stalled at the intermediate level of language proficiency gain the language skills needed for college- and career-readiness.

See how Escalate English can work in your classroom.


Research & Results

Building success with effective academic language instruction

Based on research, we know that long-term English learners need focused, accelerated instruction. Escalate English embeds instructional scaffolds and engaging content, resulting in achievement and comprehension for all.


Escalate English meets today’s call for rigorous, appropriately scaffolded support across the language processes and content knowledge needed for English learners’ academic success.


Today’s English learners need to acquire academic English in tandem with rigorous grade-level content so adopting a program with a solid research base is key.

Learn more about how your school or district can realize the same results.

Authors Advisors


Dedicated to transforming instructional practices for long-term English learners, Dr. Elena Izquierdo consulted with HMH on the development of Escalate English. Her research and extensive work with educators helped shape the instructional design that ensures English learners’ linguistic and academic success.  

Dr. Elena Izquierdo
Author, Escalate English; Author ¡Arriba la Lectura!; Associate Professor, Dual Language Education / Biliteracy / ELL Education, University of Texas, El Paso
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