Informing every decision with the latest in early childhood research

Developed with the help of nationally recognized researchers and practitioners, Big Day for PreK incorporates the best in research and teaching practices into every aspect of the curriculum to ensure the youngest learners get the very best.

Social-emotional development

Social-emotional development is critical to success in school and society. Children must be educated holistically and offered instruction in behaviors and traits that will allow them to function successfully in the world.

Integrated learning

Research demonstrates a proven correlation between teacher-student interactions and the quality of early childhood education. To be effective, learning must include teacher modeling, intentional play, and teacher-led instruction.

Partnership with families

Numerous studies indicate the importance of involving family members and primary caregivers in student instruction and providing clear and easily accessible pathways to family-teacher engagement.

Language development

In keeping with research that demonstrates the necessity of language and conversation in rich learning environments, language development is the crux of Big Day for for PreK’s curriculum.

Responsive instruction

Research clearly demonstrates the need for teachers to continually monitor student progress in order to intervene before gaps in knowledge and development arise.

Published Research

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