Helping Teachers
Forecast and measure Student Growth

Powerful Student Growth Insights

Smart Data +

Use Smart Data to Drive Instruction

The Math Inventory empowers educators with the latest in smart data technology available via SAM Central. This powerful platform gives teachers access to the immediate data, scientifically designed reports, and professional learning resources they need to plan instruction, measure student growth, and set a trajectory to proficiency, algebra, and higher math.

Data & Reporting Features Allow Teachers to Easily:

  • Use instant data to plan, measure and take action
  • Study and compare class proficiency and growth
  • Screen for instructional placement
  • Identify students who haven’t taken the assessment

Reports help facilitate data-driven classroom instruction with dynamic class analytics, giving educators the data they need to plan for instruction, measure growth, and set a trajectory to proficiency, algebra, and college and career.

SAM Central Data Dashboard +

SAM Central Is
Better Than Ever!

Now teachers can access meaningful, actionable student reports through SAM Central. In addition to interactive data analytics, SAM Central provides reports to screen for instructional grouping and intervention, provide progress monitoring, inform instruction, and support a school-to-home connection.

Math Inventory Instructional Planning Report +

Instructional Planning Report

Designed to easily target instruction and interventions, The Math Inventory’s Instructional Planning Report groups students by performance level and provides instructional recommendations for each cohort.

Progress To College & Career Report +

Progress to College
and Career Report

With advanced math data and reporting tools, teachers can track students’ math progress over time and receive instructional recommendations based on students’ performance on the last test and screeners.

Math Inventory Growth Report +

Growth Report

Identify the growth for each student using Quantile measure and performance-level results.

Students’ Math Inventory Results +

School-to-Home Report

Available in English and Spanish, this report provides the teacher with a letter for parents and guardians that describes students’ The Math Inventory results.

Providing Leaders with Maximum Data Transparency

All Access, in One Central Location

SAM Central Leadership Dashboard +

The Leadership Dashboard

Provides administrators with all students’ literacy and math performance data from one central access point. With a Report Scheduler, notifications, and data snapshots, leaders are empowered to use data to drive district- and school-level decisions.

Real Time Data Snapshots

High-level data snapshots give leaders a view of student performance, average growth in Quantile measure, and percent of students who have met expected growth goals for the year.

Analyze Data to Support Systematic Growth

District-level reports provide Quantile measures and proficiency growth by school, class, and grade, helping administrators see where growth is occurring and how resources should be allocated to assist schools that need more support.

Student Growth Summary Report +

Growth Summary Report

Leaders can access the Growth Summary Report to measure growth by school or grade level across districts.

Performance Level Growth Report

This report outlines the change in performance levels over time by district, school, grade, and classroom, allowing school and district leaders to make well-informed decisions.

Implementation Support

Training and Support Available In-School or Online

Online Assessment Math Data

Training and Support Available In-School or Online

With In-School or Online Support Services, your teachers will work with a highly trained Assessment Instructor from Math Solutions® to:

  • Learn how to interpret data and reporting
  • Identify students’ readiness levels for success for grade-level material
  • Measure growth and set student-achievement goals
  • Identify and group students who need intervention to rebuild critical skills