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Mary L. Ruef

Co-author, WMLS III

Mary L. Ruef’s career in test development started in 1984 when she began working with Dr. Richard Woodcock at Measurement Learning Consultants. She worked with Dr. Woodcock for 30 years, during which time she performed testing, managed various portions of norming projects, served as an Associate Director of the company, and coauthored both the Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey–Revised and the Bilingual Verbal Ability Tests. She also worked on the following other batteries: the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery–Revised (WJ-R®), Batería Woodcock-Muñoz-Revisada, Woodcock-Johnson III (WJ III®), Batería III Woodcock-Muñoz, and Woodcock-Johnson IV (WJ IV™). In 1998 Ms. Ruef became the Editor for development and publication of the Woodcock-Johnson International Edition in Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. She received a B A from Western Oregon University and taught in the Salem, Oregon, school district.