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Inspire a Culture of Math Achievement

Math PD Teachers Can Count On

HMH partners with teachers to address their unique math challenges—on their schedule. Former Math Solutions customers will recognize the high-quality services and resources we offer. From program implementation support to collaborative problem-solving, we provide meaningful professional development for math teachers that will foster long-term, sustainable growth.

Exemplary Math PD

The Professional Learning Partner Guide has recognized HMH for demonstrating significant evidence of high-quality, curriculum-aligned PD for elementary, middle, and high school teachers.

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A Proven Track Record

Our live online mathematics modules (over 35 to choose from!) and customized coaching are at the heart of thousands of school district transformations nationwide.

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A Guide to Math Success

Only HMH offers a math inventory that guides teachers through best practices in key areas—including learning environment and formative assessment—helping them achieve the model math classroom.

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Not an HMH Program User? No Problem!

We’d love for every school and district to use our math programs. But this is not a requirement for partnering with us for PD. We can help teachers, schools, and districts meet their specific goals, no matter the curriculum.

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HMH understands and implements the concept of personalized learning to support ongoing professional development and builds staff capacity in ways that most companies are still searching to discover.

Dale Truding

Former Assistant Superintendent, Arlington Heights, IL

Personalized Professional Development 
for Math Teachers and Leaders

HMH Coaching Membership

Teachers get personalized instructional support from experienced coaches. HMH Coaching Membership includes:

  • Guidance from coaches, delivered live online or in person, that helps teachers track goals
  • Flexible scheduling to align with PLC or PD plan
  • Access to HMH’s award-winning Coaching Studio, where teachers can connect with coaches and colleagues
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Live Online Courses

HMH’s live online courses allow teachers to create an implementation plan that works for them.

Teachers can select:

  • A course series with three to six hour-long modules and one hour-long planning session with an HMH instructional coach
  • Individual modules to build a customized learning plan
  • Courses for purchase in bundles or as an add-on to a yearlong Coaching Membership
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Leadership Advisory

School and district leaders get guidance from an International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) executive coach. The coach can help with:

  • Creating and implementing a strategic plan
  • Analyzing curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Aligning HMH programs to district goals
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Unlimited Implementation Support

HMH programs now include Teacher Success Pathways that are easily accessible through Ed, the HMH Learning Platform. Teachers get unparalleled hands-on support.

HMH subscriptions include unlimited yearlong access to Teacher's Corner in Ed. Here are just a few of the professional learning benefits teachers can expect from HMH:

  • Support for new teachers starting anytime of the year
  • The option for veteran teachers to customize their learning based on past experiences
  • Authentic teacher-created content on timely topics
  • Live events in Teacher's Corner with program experts, education thought leaders, and inspirational speakers
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Support for Teachers, Leaders, and Families

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Teacher’s Corner

Teacher’s Corner® provides model-lesson videos, teacher tips, and interactive support. At free live events, educators can collaborate with colleagues to address today's instructional challenges.

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Leader’s Corner

The award-winning professional learning available on Teacher’s Corner isn’t limited to teachers. Administrators can access on-demand resources, leader-specific live events, resources for PLCs, and downloadable templates for classroom observations on Leader's Corner.

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Family Room

HMH Family Room is an ever-growing library of on-demand resources in English and Spanish that provides families and caregivers the tools they need to support their child’s learning.

I think the coaching has been good for teachers. There’s a real sense of accomplishment and a can-do attitude that ‘You know what? We’re going to get in there and we’re going to do this.’

Chris McCann

Principal, Eastgate Middle School, MO

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