CARES Act Funding Alignment Chart

Through our assessments, intervention and supplemental solutions, and online professional learning, HMH is ready to help you address key priorities of the CARES Act. Lean on us to close the learning gap for all students and navigate today’s changing education landscape.

Grade Level
Evidence Level**
Program Resources
Classroom Assessment

Amira Learning

K–3N/AProgram Summary
System 443–12StrongNarrative Profile
READ 1804–12StrongNarrative Profile
MATH 1805–12ModerateNarrative Profile
iReadK–2ModerateNarrative Profile
Saxon Phonics & SpellingK–3StrongNarrative Profile
Waggle2–8DemonstratesNarrative Profile
Writable3–12DemonstratesNarrative Profile
English Language Development
English 3D4–12PromisingNarrative Profile
Leveled Reading & Classroom Books
Hero AcademyPreK–4WhitepaperOverview Brochure
inFactK–5WhitepaperOverview Brochure
JillE LiteracyK–3WhitepaperOverview Brochure
Rigby PMK–6WhitepaperOverview Brochure
Professional Services
HMH Professional ServicesK–12DemonstratesExecutive Summary

** HMH’s evidence ratings are based on the U.S. Department of Education’s non-regulatory guidance for ESSA. Evidence ratings issued by clearinghouses and independent research agencies (e.g., Evidence for ESSA) may differ due to varying criteria used to judge evidence.

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