Grade 3 Math Help
Grade 3 Math Help Tips

In third grade math several new topics and concepts are introduced, including multiplication and division. The Common Core Standards focus on four critical math concepts in third grade math:

  • Understanding multiplying and dividing whole numbers
  • Understanding fraction concepts
  • Applying multiplication concepts to understanding arrays and area
  • Describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes

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Third Grade Math Help Checklist

To determine if your third grade math student is in need of math help, ask yourself:

  • Is your child struggling to understand the fundamentals of multiplication and division? Has he or she yet to master basic multiplication and division facts and strategies?
  • Is your child showing little progress increasing his or her speed and comfort when solving multiplication and division problems?
  • Does your child have difficulty explaining the nature of fractional relationships?  Can she represent fractions consistently?
  • Is your child able to understand the concept of area and connect it with multiplication, division, and fractions?
Using Our Math Help Video Library

When third grade math homework becomes frustrating, sometimes it helps to see the skill or concept presented in a different context. Our math videos can do exactly that. We’ve provided a few sample videos here. Sign up and search our complete math help video library for more!

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