Grade 1 Math Help
Grade 1 Math Help Tips

In first grade math, students are introduced to several new math concepts, including addition and subtraction and number relationships. The Common Core Standards focus on four critical areas in first grade math:

  • Developing fluency and using addition and subtraction to solve problems
  • Understanding place value and whole number relationships
  • Measuring length
  • Composing and decomposing geometric shapes

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First Grade Math Help Checklist

To determine if your first grade math student is in need of math help, ask yourself:

  • Does your child have a basic understanding of addition and subtraction and how they relate to counting?
  • Is your child able to use models and different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems?
  • Does your child understand tens and ones and recognize that numbers are comprised of ones or tens and ones? (This is the concept of “place value.”)
  • Is your child able to solve problems and compare quantities with numbers up to 100?
  • Does your child understand the concept of length, and is your child able to measure the length of an object?
  • Can your child explain the information contained within a simple chart or graph?
  • Can your child build shapes using other shapes?
Using Our Math Help Video Library

If your child is challenged by any of these or other first grade math topics, our math help videos depicting real math lessons can be a useful resource for your child. We’ve provided a few sample videos here. Sign up and search our complete math help video library for more!

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