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Kindergarten Math Help Tips

In kindergarten math, students are introduced to foundational mathematical concepts. The Common Core Standards focus on two critical math concepts in kindergarten math:

  • Representing and comparing whole numbers
  • Describing shapes and space

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Kindergarten Math Help Checklist

To determine if your kindergarten math student is in need of math help, ask yourself:

  • Can your child write and understand quantities associated with written numbers?
  • Is your child able to count objects accurately?
  • Is your child able to compare quantities of objects?
  • Can your child solve simple addition and subtraction problems?
  • Is your child familiar with basic two-dimensional shapes (i.e. circle or square) and three-dimensional shapes (i.e. cone or a cube) and able to recognize them in his/her environment?
  • Can your child use shapes to construct more complex shapes?
Using Our Math Help Video Library

If your child is challenged by any of these or other kindergarten math topics, our math videos can help you help your child. We’ve provided a few sample videos here. Sign up and search our complete math help video library for more!

Two- and Three-Dimensional Shapes
Understanding Addition