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Grade 4 Math Help
Grade 4 Math Help Tips

In fourth grade math students will deepen and extend their understanding of the basic concepts introduced in third grade math. The Common Core Standards focus on three critical math concepts in fourth grade math:

  • Fluency with multi-digit multiplication and division
  • Understanding equivalent fractions and operations with fractions
  • Extending their understanding of the properties of two-dimensional shapes

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Fourth Grade Math Help Checklist

To determine if your fourth grade math student is in need of math help, ask yourself:

  • Does your child understand place value concepts as they apply to numbers up to 1,000,000?
  • Is your child struggling to multiply and divide large numbers? Does she make frequent calculation errors?
  • Does your child have difficulty adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions?
  • Is your child able to simplify and compare fractions?
  • Does your child understand the concept of decimals and how decimals relate to fractions?
  • Is your child proficient at measuring angles and classifying shapes?
Using Our Math Help Video Library

If homework becomes frustrating for your fourth grader, our videos can provide review and reinforcement of lessons taught in school. We’ve provided a few sample fourth grade videos here. Sign up and search our complete math help video library for more!

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