• Journeys Literacy Workshop

Journeys Literacy Workshop

Literacy Workshop Program Grades K–6

  • Why
    Lit Guide

    Comprehensive Solution for Workshop Model

    The Journeys Literacy Workshop program offers a single solution for Workshop Model instruction! The Literacy and Language Guide is the core instructional resource with lesson plans for word study, writing, and reading.

    Created in Partnership with the Experts

    Esteemed authors Irene Fountas and Shane Templeton lend their research-based, effective instructional practices within the Literacy and Language Guide providing you an easy-to-use organizational tool for effective Workshop Model instruction.

    Develop Readers with Engaging Leveled Readers

    Leveled Readers for Guided Reading include Journeys Leveled Readers, leveled by Irene Fountas plus a Teacher Guide designed by Irene Fountas. PLUS select titles from more names you know: Rigby® PM and Steck-Vaughn® BOLDPRINT® series.

    Proven Foundational Skills Development

    Foundational Skills instruction in Journeys Literacy Workshop is based on developmental research grounded in the proven scope and sequence of Journeys ensuring that students will build the foundation of word knowledge.

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    • Authors
      Meet our esteemed partners who have helped create Journeys Literacy Workshop:
  • Features

    Literacy and Language Guide: A Workshop Approach to Reading, Writing, and Word Study

    Lit Guide

    Created in partnership with authors Irene Fountas and Shane Templeton, the Literacy and Language Guide features an active literacy approach to energize your classroom with opportunities for collaboration while providing time for 1:1 work with students.

    This outstanding resource for the Balanced Literacy or Workshop classroom provides resources for implementing a Reader's, Word Study, and Writer's Workshop and is organized in three different balanced literacy contexts—Whole-Group, Small-Group, and Independent Reading.

    Features of the Literacy and Language Guide include:

    • Lessons to integrate Reading, Writing, and Word Study
    • Daily activities and sorts for Spelling/Phonics and Vocabulary
    • Whole-group reading mini-lessons
    • Interactive Read Aloud/Shared Reading lessons
    • Writing mini-lessons featuring the Gradual Release Model
    • Genre study support and discussion starters
    • Support for using Leveled Readers
    • Resources for Independent Reading
  • Resources
    The Journeys Literacy Workshop balanced approach provides lessons and resources for effective Workshop Model instruction in one easy-to-use program.

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    • Reading Workshop

      Community Texts

      The perfect texts for interactive read alouds/shared reading, genre mini-lessons, and reading mini-lessons. Grade K texts include a variety of Big Books.

      Comm Texts

      Journeys Leveled Readers and Instruction

      Journeys Leveled Readers, leveled by Irene Fountas and supported by eight-page lesson plans designed by Irene Fountas, engage students in thinking, talking, reading, and writing about text.

      Sample the Teacher Guide

      Leveled Readers

      Rigby and Steck-Vaughn Leveled Readers

      Increase the number of readers at specific Guided Reading levels with more names you know and trust, Rigby® and Steck-Vaughn® Leveled Readers. Select titles include a mix of literary and informational text plus Teacher Notes for every title.

      Rigby and Steck-Vaughn Leveling Charts
      Grade K Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
      Leveled Readers

      Trade Books

      In Grades 1–6, Journeys Literacy Workshop comes with three Trade Books (25 copies of each) for shared or independent reading. Options for Trade Book instruction and project-based learning can be found in the Journeys Teacher’s Edition after Units 2, 4, and 6.



      Support more readers more effectively through:

      • Differentiated comprehension using the Gradual Release Model
      • Journeys Leveled Readers and Leveled Reader Teacher Guides with EL Support
      • EL Language Support Cards

      Multimedia Texts

      Looking for digital resources to extend reading resources for shared reading and independent reading?


      HMH Readers App

      Put an entire library at your students’ fingertips! This mobile reading app features leveled nonfiction and fiction texts to reinforce reading skills, promote academic vocabulary acquisition, and improve reading fluency and comprehension in young readers in Grades K–6. The HMH Readers app provides reading support for teachers, parents, and all students, whether they read on, below, or above grade level. HMH Readers features audio, highlighting, and bookmarking capabilities as well as each search and browsing by title, author, or key word.

      appStore Badge  Download from Windows Store

      HMH Readers App

      HMH Player App

      Take learning anywhere! The HMH Player® app seamlessly merges technology with instruction in four key ways:

      • Connect: Download HMH® content when connected to the Internet, work offline, and then sync when back online
      • Collaborate: Open a Collaborative Session to use dynamic presentation tools, conduct informal polling, or instant message directly with students
      • Communicate: Teachers and students can quickly access real-time reporting to monitor progress and identify areas of improvement
      • Customize: Create custom lessons, upload your own content, or link to external resources to target particular skills and topics

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      Contemporary informational texts and media, motivating visuals, and suggested trade books related to the unit topics.

      Channel One News

      Journeys Literacy Workshop comes with engaging, age-appropriate current event videos tied to unit topics. Available for Grades K–6, these Channel One News® videos provide additional research sources and background information.

      Channel One News
    • Word Study Workshop

      The Literacy and Language Guide contains daily Spelling/Phonics and Vocabulary minilessons, sorts, and activities grounded in the research of Dr. Shane Templeton. Students build a Word Study Notebook for their word sorts, writing sorts, and their spelling and phonics discoveries.


      Word Study Resources

      Alphafriends Card Set (Grade K)

      Alphafriends® activities provide letter-sound practice through research-based characters and songs.

      Sound/Spelling Cards (Grades K–3)

      The Sound/Spelling Cards provide an engaging, interactive resource important for sound-letter associations that build strong phonics skills.

      Instructional Card Kit (Grades K–6)

      Instructional Card Kit includes Vocabulary in Context Cards; Retelling Cards; Letter, Word, and Picture Cards; Punctuation Cards; and High-Frequency Word Cards for engaging literacy activities.

      • Vocabulary in Context Cards

        Vocabulary in Context Cards contain words used in the week's literature. On the back of each card, a student-friendly explanation of the word and activities are provided to help students think about how the word can be used in various contexts.

      • Retelling Cards

        Retelling Cards provide oral language support as they build comprehension. Talk About It prompts provide guidance during independent, partner, or small-group work.

      • High-Frequency Word Cards

        High-Frequency Word Cards offer opportunities for meaningful word practice activities.

      • Literacy and Language Guide Word and Picture Cards

        Word and Picture Cards offer an interactive resource for each Word Study lesson to support instruction.

      Spelling Cards Alphafriends
      Wordstudy Digi Tools

      Digital Tools

      Digital resources for word study work offer Interactive Whiteboard lessons, Word Study Literacy Centers, and Alphafriends Songs.

    • Writing Workshop

      Literacy and Language Guide Writing Minilesson

      Every writing minilesson includes:

      • An Objective and Guiding Question
      • Gradual Release Model with an "I Do, We Do, You Do" format
      • Options for independent and collaborative practice
      • Tips for Corrective Feedback
      • A feature to further explore the minilesson writing trait
      • Guidance for Conferences and Evaluation

      Writing Workshop Resources

      Writing Handbook

      The consumable student Writing Handbook content includes writing models and lessons, rubrics, research tips, and additional support for writing traits and process.

      myWriteSmart is an online workspace. Students can write, revise, edit, and collaborate with peers. Teachers can assign tasks and provide feedback. Resources include rubrics and graphic organizers.

      Journeys Teacher's Edition

      The Journeys Teacher's Edition provides daily grammar lessons, weekly writing prompts, and Performance Tasks.


      Digital Tools

      Digital resources include Interactive Lessons, Interactive Whiteboard Lessons, and Think and Write Literacy Centers.

      Writing Digi Tools

      Assessment Resources

      • Running Records for Grades K–6: Record students’ key reading behaviors and understanding
      • Cold Reads for Grades 1–6: Comprehension questions and written responses
      • Standards-Based Assessment Resource for Grades K–6: Match the item types of high-stakes tests with these assessments that cover reading, writing, listening, and research
      • Journeys Benchmark Tests and Teacher’s Guide for Grades K–6: Assess comprehension of complex texts and constructed-response Performance Tasks
      • Performance Assessment Teacher’s Guide for Grades 3–6: Teach the process for completing performance tasks with units on narrative, informational, opinion, and response to literature
      • myWriteSmart Portfolio for Grades K–6: Students can collect and showcase their best writing using the Portfolio tool

      Reading Inventory® is available for purchase with Journeys Literacy Workshop. This research-based, adaptive student assessment program measures reading skills and longitudinal progress.

      • Reading Comprehension assessments measure growth on the Lexile® Framework for Reading.
      • Foundational Reading assessments are developmentally appropriate and test phonological awareness, letter-name and sight-word recognition, and phonics.
      • A variety of reporting options help you place students in small groups and monitor individual student growth.
      Reading Inventory