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English Language Arts Grades 6–12

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  • Why?
    Why Collections?

    Ready Instruction for High Expectations

    Developed to meet the increased rigor of new state standards, collections of topically linked, complex texts—including more informational texts and literary nonfiction—drive instruction in critical analysis. Students practice writing to sources with tasks that require analysis, synthesis and evidence.

    Your Digital Solution for Today and Tomorrow

    Collections is a multi-modal solution designed to meet you where you are and take you into the future. It includes both print content for instruction and application today, as well as all the tools necessary for a transition to the future of digital learning.

    Amplified Learning with Dynamic Digital

    From a single dashboard, users navigate to a robust array of resources, including online annotation tools, the CODiE Award-winning myWriteSmart, Turnitin® originality checker, Interactive Lessons for Writing, Speaking & Listening, motivating Xplor eMagazines, and the HMH FYI site. To further enhance learning, Channel One News®, Text in Focus, Stream to Start™, and HISTORY®, A&E®, and bio® videos capture interest and illuminate content.

    Developing Thinkers Through Artful Instruction

    Collections provides you with the in-depth instruction needed for developing student abilities to analyze complex tests, determine and explain evidence, reason critically, and communicate sharply. Along with solid instruction, you have the critical modeling, scaffolding, guided practice, and independent practice in resources such as Close Read Screencasts, Student Edition integrated standards lessons, the Close Reader, stepped out performance tasks, Level Up Tutorials, and Performance Assessment.

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    • Interactive Overview

      Experience Collections through an innovative, interactive overview! Watch Collections come alive with embedded interactive links. Sample videos, technology demonstrations, and more are just a click away!


      Collections Interactive Brochures
    • Increased Rigor

      Instructional Shifts


      Collections Responds to Instructional Shifts Inspired by Rigorous Standards

      1. Building knowledge through content rich nonfiction and informational texts

      fyi logo
      • Each Collection balances types of complex texts, including rich literary nonfiction and informational texts.
      • Current, topically related informational texts are provided on the updated FYI site—hmhfyi.com—curated by HMH® content experts.
      myNotebook and myWriteSmart Logos

      2. Reading and writing grounded in evidence from the text

      • Line numbers facilitate students’ citing of textual evidence.
      • myNotebook and myWriteSmart allow students to gather and later recall text evidence as needed for completing performance tasks.
      Close Reads App

      3. Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary

      • The Close Reader offers consistent and concrete practice with “chunked text” and routines of “Read, Re-Read, and Cite Evidence,” for students to internalize the approaches and then apply them independently.
      • The HMH Close Reads app provides mobile practice with close reading of complex text, using annotation tools, and answering text-dependent questions.
    • Components

      Collections provides you and your students with a fully integrated program of print, digital, and online components and resources.

      Teachers Edition tablet shot

      Student Edition

      Providing direct instruction in close reading and text analysis of fiction, nonfiction, and informational texts, the Student Edition—streamlined in size and design—is available in print and digital.

      Close Reader

      Ensuring concrete practice in close reading and text analysis, the Close Reader—offered as print consumable and digital—includes additional selections related topically to Student Edition anchor texts.

      Integrated Teacher’s Edition

      Combining selections, plans, and instruction for the Student Edition plus the Close Reader, your print Teacher’s Edition is all-inclusive, while the digital edition provides seamless transition between the Online Edition, online resources, and source links—all designed for maximum teaching convenience.

      Unique Digital Assets

      To engage digital learners in reading, analyzing, writing, and evaluating texts and in sharpening communication, Collections digital offerings include media resources, text analysis tools, and Interactive Lessons in writing, speaking, and listening—all seamlessly integrated.

    • Student Edition

      Comprised of six units, or Collections, the Student Edition includes a variety of complex texts: fiction, literary nonfiction, and a rich supply of informational text.

      • Students engage in close reading and critical analysis of text.
      • Students focus on text-dependent questions requiring textual evidence.
      • Performance Tasks for each selection and collection monitor progress and prepare students for performance-based assessments.
      Student Edition tablet shot
    • Close Reader

      Providing concrete practice in close reading and text analysis, the Close Reader, offered as print consumable and digital, includes additional selections related topically to Student Edition anchor texts:

      • Includes “chunked text” and scaffolding that helps students apply and practice close reading protocols
      • Develops analysis skills by requiring students to read/reread, annotate the text, and cite evidence to support inferences and conclusions
      • Strengthens abilities for synthesizing ideas and using appropriate evidence by having students write to a Short Response prompt after each selection
      Close Reader tablet shot
    • Integrated Teacher's Edition

      For teaching convenience, the Integrated Teacher’s Edition integrates the selections from the Close Reader into the Student Edition pages for each Collection and includes point-of-use teaching support.

      For maximum convenience, the Online Teacher Edition includes all features of the print edition and the ability to move quickly from the teacher dashboard to any text, lesson, resource, and media in Collections.

      Updated Dashboard
    • Unique Digital Assets

      A rich array of digital and media resources engage all learners and help English learners and striving readers meet the high expectations of new state standards.

      • Stream to Start™ videos capture student interest and build background.
      • Interactive Lessons develop writing, speaking, and listening skills.
      • Text in Focus videos and Close Read Screencasts increase understanding of challenging text.
      • Annotation tools advance students’ close reading and citing of evidence.
      • Xplor eMagazines get students reading with leveled, high-interest selections.
      • The FYI site and Channel One News® videos reflect today’s headlines and enrich studies.
      • myWriteSmart and myNotebook encourage collaboration for writing, revising, editing, and completing performance tasks.
      • Turnitin® enhances writing feedback with originality checking and evaluation tools.
    • Program Consultants

      Introducing the consultants for this program!

    • Meeting High Expectations

      Watch and listen as the creators of Collections answer two important questions related to the program’s development for meeting high expectations.

      • How were the selections chosen for Collections?
      • What resources in Collections will teachers appreciate for meeting rigorous state standards?
    • Assessment

      To help you identify strengths and gaps, measure students’ standards mastery, and prepare them for success on new assessment models, Collections provides you with a suite of targeted assessment tools.

      TOSCRF 2


      • Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency (TOSCRF2) from PRO-ED to identify reading deficiencies that may hinder fluency and comprehension
      Performance Task A

      Ongoing Standards Assessment:

      • Performance Tasks for every selection and Collection for assessing reading, writing, speaking/listening, and research skills
      • Collection and selection tests for monitoring progress
      • ExamView® for customizing program assessments
      Continuum Assessments

      Benchmark Assessment:

      • Continuum Assessments™ Adaptive Benchmark Tests ensure confidence with a valid test showing students’ progress against standards
      • Provides a mix of multiple-choice, technology-enhanced, and open-ended item types
      Close Reads App

      Performance-Based Test Preparation:

      • Performance Assessment component for complete instruction in a three-part approach: Analyze the Model, Practice the Task, and Perform the Task plus sources, models, and built-in scaffolds to support student independence on performance tasks
      • Close Reads App to prepare students for close reading and text analysis across all genres
      • Verbal Review for Standardized Tests (Grades 11–12) for practice with grammar, writing, and verbal skills for standardized tests
    • Correlations

      Correlation Guides

      Correlation guides indicate where—and in many cases how—the Common Core State Standards are addressed in the program. Download a PDF to see specifics at a particular level.

      Grade 6 (366 KB)

      Grade 7 (387 KB)

      Grade 8 (382 KB)

      Grade 9 (363 KB)

      Grade 10 (367 KB)

      Grade 11 (365 KB)

      Grade 12 (353 KB)

    • Sample Online

      Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™ is pleased to invite customers to enjoy a 120-day trial of our Collections Online Editions.

      Collections Program Introduction

      Contact your Account Executive for the access information for your 120-day preview of Collections Online Editions at my.hrw.com today.

  • Features

    Like no other English Language Arts program for Grades 6–12, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™ Collections transcends the traditional anthology with a multi-faceted digital and print approach that is resonating with today’s students.

    collection features

    Focus in on Close Reading

    The Student Edition and Close Reader work in tandem to provide students with complex, rich texts and opportunities to practice and apply close reading strategies with challenging content.

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    collection features

    21st-Century Communication Skills

    Powerful digital tools embrace instructional shifts and help you to develop students’ abilities to analyze complex texts, determine evidence, reason critically, and communicate thoughtfully—critical skills for future success.

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    collection features

    Writing to Sources

    With Collections, your writing instruction connects to reading and text analysis. This program utilizes dynamic tools to get digital learners involved in writing to sources and critiquing peers’ writing in a collaborative online setting.

    Explore More

    Explore More

    • Close Reading

      Not Just for Fine Print Any More

      How does Collections promote student acquisition of close reading skills?

      • Auditory and visual modeling for reading complex texts with the Close Reading Screencasts for anchor texts
      • Consistent practice with intuitive annotation tools for analyzing texts, making notes, citing evidence, as well as recalling and using that evidence in myNotebook and myWriteSmart
      • Develops the habits of close reading by applying strategies to new, topically related selections in the Close Reader
      • Builds confidence with both guided reading and independent practice with additional texts in HMH Close Reads app
    • 21st-Century Communication Skills

      Beyond Tech for the Net Generation

      How does Collections build students’ literacy, technology, and collaborative skills for their future?

      • Interactive self-paced lessons and practice with Digital Collections for such skills as conducting research, evaluating sources, giving presentations, and developing arguments
      • Learning to evaluate media as complex texts in integrated Media Lessons that teach analysis of news reports, ads, and websites
      • Combining multimedia and instruction to deepen learning through Collection Performance Tasks such as delivering a group multimedia presentation, debating issues, creating a group video, and evaluating presentations
      • Collaborating to improve writing using myWriteSmart for student and teacher feedback, peer discussions and editing groups, and accessing originality checks from Turnitin®
      Swiping Textbooks tablet shot
    • Writing to Sources

      Argument is Encouraged Here

      How does Collections help you teach evidence-based writing?

      • Dynamic Interactive Writing Lessons for students with models, feedback, and practice for developing careful analysis, argument with well-defended claims, and clear information
      • Requiring students to apply text analysis to their writing, draw upon additional sources, and cite sufficient evidence in the completion of Selection Performance Tasks
      • Practice in synthesizing ideas from multiple texts, conducting short research, and drawing conclusions with evidence in responses to Collection Performance Tasks
      Writing to Sources
    • Relevant Informational Text

      Not Closed-Minded About Open Source


      For encouraging students to talk about and write about today’s issues and events, the FYI site—unique to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt—provides continually updated and curated informational texts related to collections’ topics. For each collection, a topically related, compelling question or statement stimulates students’ exploration of relevant articles. The section, For Argument’s Sake, provides additional articles to read before students cast their vote on a relevant question as well as tips for writing their own argument.

      FYI Screenshot
    • Scaffolds for Success

      Models Should Be Seen and Heard

      What scaffolds does Collections provide to help students achieve learning goals?

      • Close Read Screencasts for each anchor text provide visual and auditory models of close reading conversations about text.
      • Stream to Start™ Videos introduce each collection, capture interest, and clarify elements related to the theme.
      • Text in Focus Videos, beneficial for developing readers and English learners, enhance understanding of anchor texts by using graphic elements to explain figurative language, sentence structure, and main ideas.
      • Xplor eMagazine, for developing readers and English learners, offers personalized learning and leveled, high-interest texts tied to each Collection’s topic. (Grades 6–8)
      • Level-up Tutorials offer diagnoses and remediation on key skills for reading literature and informational text.
      • Language Workshop for English Language Development provides instruction and opportunity for students to master collaboration, interaction, and language production as they develop English language skills.
      Scaffolds for Success
    • Apps

      Close Reading at Students’ Fingertips

      The HMH Close Reads app guides students through close reading of texts across all genres, using modeled screencasts and interactive practice to teach the art of careful analysis supported by evidence.

      • Seven different genres of text for close reading practice
      • After completing guided close reads in each genre, students unlock independent practice opportunities with additional texts in the same genre
      • Student scores for independent practice are reported back to the teacher

      Dashboard of Close Reads App

      Reread and Analyze

      Guided practice that models close reading skills

      Collections Read and Analyze

      Interpret and Respond

      "On-your-own" scored practice for text analysis, including reports sent to the teacher

      Interpret and Respond

      Now available on iOS

      The HMH Close Reads App is now available for download on your iPad®.

      HMH Close Reads 6

      HMH Close Reads
      Grade 6

      appStore Badge
      HMH Close Reads 7

      HMH Close Reads
      Grade 7

      appStore Badge
      HMH Close Reads 8

      HMH Close Reads
      Grade 8

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      HMH Close Reads 9 10

      HMH Close Reads
      Grades 9–10

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      HMH Close Reads 11 12

      HMH Close Reads
      Grades 11–12

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