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System 44 Now Available for iPad

Available anytime/anywhere, System 44 Next Generation for iPad helps maximize instructional time and accelerate student achievement. Built for the rigor of the new standards, System 44 for iPad ensures that even the most challenged readers, including special education students, have an explicit, systematic path to college and career readiness—with supports for reading and writing independence that they will need to succeed on the Next Generation Assessments.

  • iOS Accessibility Features

    All students, and especially those with special needs, can take advantage of new accessibility features—including dynamic type, high contrast, and guided access—with System 44 for iPad.

  • Personalized Learning Progression

    Students are systematically guided through five instructional strands, engaging in differentiated skill instruction and practice targeted to their level to achieve fluency and independence with grade-level reading AND writing.

  • Choice of Engaging Titles Available Anytime, Anywhere

    The leveled, age-appropriate Student Library—now with 20 new titles all available as eBooks—provides students with even more choice, flexibility, and time for an interactive, independent reading experience, complete with on-demand audio and second language support.

  • Actionable Data That Drives Instruction

    Research based and validated, HMH Phonics Inventory serves as a universal screener, placement, and progress-monitoring tool for students.

Assessment Drives Instruction & Practice

System 44 is a data-driven program, which means student performance impacts instruction. A variety of formative assessment instruments identify students’ most urgent needs, enabling the program and teacher to adjust instruction accordingly.

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring Assessment

HMH Phonics Inventory Places students at the appropriate series in the program and monitors student, group, and class progress over time.

Ongoing Diagnostic & Formative Assessment

The System 44 Software assesses student performance in phonics, decoding, fluency, spelling, comprehension, and writing, identifying strengths and weaknesses to support grouping for CheckPoints for Differentiated Instruction.

Writing Assessment

Software Writing scaffolds students’ writing of well-developed, evidence-based argument paragraphs and tests students' understanding of reading and writing skills addressed during Small-Group Instruction

Performance-Based Assessment

Students apply higher-order thinking skills such as synthesize and analyze that they have learned across multiple texts, and collaborate with peers to produce a written outcome.

Independent Reading Assessment

Scholastic Reading Counts! Quizzes and Comprehensive QuickWrites monitor students' comprehension of Paperbook, Audiobook, and eBook titles.



Unparalleled Access to Data

The Educator Dashboard helps build capacity of effective teachers and leaders. Anytime/anywhere access to the most important implementation and student performance data.