Edusoft® Assessment Management System

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    The Edusoft Assessment Management System includes the following modules sold separately:

    Benchmark Exams

    The Edusoft Benchmark Exams module helps you administer standards-aligned school-wide or district-wide assessment programs with ease.

    • Create plain paper answer sheets for your district exams in minutes with Edusoft's easy test alignment tool.
    • Grade answer sheets using low-cost scanners located at each school site.
    • Create exams online using our database of quality Assess2Know items or your district-created items; easily administer tests to students online or on paper.
    • Provide immediate results to administrators and teachers. Teachers see aggregated class scores and individual student scores by standard and performance band.
    • Prescribe standards-aligned instructional reteaching materials based on the scores of an individual student or an intervention group.
    • Use test results to track students in intervention programs; aggregate and disaggregate data by school, grade, teacher, ethnicity, or state/federal program.
    • Use item analysis tools to evaluate and determine the validity of specific test items.

    Teacher Tools

    The Edusoft Teacher Tools module supports teachers in monitoring daily instructional progress. After completing a class quiz or end-of-chapter test, teachers can generate review sheets and individualized homework assignments based upon student performance.

    • Test results are immediately available for teachers
    • Easily track student and class performance per standard across a series of tests
    • Access prescriptive reteaching resources based on test performance
    • Share tests to promote best practices within a school or grade level

    Curriculum Management

    The Edusoft Curriculum Management module gives you the tools to organize and communicate your curriculum, assessments, scope and sequence, pacing guides, unit plans, and instructional resources to every teacher in your district. It’s a powerful way to manage your district curriculum in one convenient place so teachers have the advantage of integrated instructional and assessment plans.

    • Reduce the time spent searching for instructional materials or teaching strategies by putting the right tools at a teacher's fingertips
    • Spend more time on instruction targeted to drive student achievement results
    • Access a database of over 65,000 standards-aligned lesson plans, instructional resources, activities, and professional development materials available for select states

    State Analysis

    The Edusoft State Analysis module provides the tools you need to analyze state assessment results across populations and over time. Edusoft takes your state-wide exam data and integrates it with your student information system for roster and demographic data to get last spring's test data into the right teacher's hands when school starts. Use state test data to create intervention groups and compare performance of students by school, teacher, grade, gender, ethnicity, and federal, state, and district programs.

    • Review longitudinal results to monitor aggregated and disaggregated performance; cross sectional and cohort matched.
    • Specify performance and demographic criteria to create intervention groups for further instruction, assessment and tracking.
    • Create printable reports for groups and individuals based on customizable demographic selections.
    • View state test data as is or filter by schools, teachers, or courses.
    • Compare among multiple tests including assessments in the Benchmark Exams module.
    • State Analysis supports scaled scores, raw score, percentage and performance band reporting.
  • Support Services

    Our Client Services team works closely with you to ensure a timely and successful implementation of the Edusoft Assessment Management System in your district. The following services are offered:

    Onsite Training

    HMH offers onsite training classes led by experienced and qualified instructors. The hands-on classes cover all aspects of using the Edusoft Assessment Management System and inform new trainers at your district on best practices, uses and techniques of the State Analysis, Benchmark Exams, Teacher Tools, and Curriculum Management modules and content products.

    • Hands-on practical applications
    • Small group, hand-on product training for in-depth product understanding
    • Training on your own data to make it relevant
    • Training manual and QuickGuides for future reference

    Distance Learning

    HMH offers a comprehensive and continuing instruction program that uses web and teleconferencing tools for implementation planning and instructor-led training. HMH’s Distance Learning allows for significant flexibility in scheduling with topics offered in one-hour sessions. Utilizing a “train the trainer” approach, the Distance Learning model makes it possible for up to 15 people to attend each session and become lead trainers for your implementation.

    • Lower cost for district training
    • Flexible training schedule
    • Flexible locations; attendees can be in up to five locations for the same session
    • Training on your own data

    Professional Development

    What happens after your school or district gives its periodic assessments? What methods are used to interpret data for the purpose of improving learning? HMH’s professional development programs help you better understand how to use periodic assessment results to effectively inform instruction and decision-making at the district, school, and classroom levels.

    Data Integration

    HMH helps you maintain the accuracy and validity of your student information system data. Our Data Integration program offers you tools and services that enable you to get more reliable information and better results from your accountability program. With Data Integration, you receive:

    • The ability to load frequent roster updates in Edusoft for more accurate reporting of student information
    • Data Validation Tool to help ensure quality data uploads into Edusoft
    • Different service options and consultation to determine which level is best for your district

    Implementation Management with the HMH Educational Services Team

    To assist you in the effective launch and operation of a district-wide accountability program, we offer a comprehensive and proven implementation management package that is tailored to your district’s specific needs and objectives. With implementation management, you receive:

    • A team of project planning, management, training, technical integration, and issue resolution experts available to you before, during, and after implementation
    • A detailed needs assessment evaluation
    • Planning support
    • Delivery of a comprehensive implementation plan that includes time lines, dates, and precise escalation paths
    • Access to a team of knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives