• Overview

    DataDirector is a powerful, user-friendly data and assessment management system that lets educators easily correlate multiple types of data. DataDirector synthesizes state, district, school and classroom data, allowing educators to monitor student progress in real time, using data as the starting point to design relevant curriculum strategies, and deliver effective interventions or enrichment activities. A comprehensive view of student and teacher information is essential not only to effective, data-driven decision making but also to meeting ever-changing accountability and reporting requirements.

    As a web-based application, DataDirector requires no installation. Take advantage of this versatility to access and work with all of your data anywhere with an Internet connection.

    Put DataDirector's powerful, easy-to-use tools to work in your district!


    • Unlimited reports
    • Customized assessment items
    • Standards-aligned tests
    • Programs for any level
    • PIVOT table reports
    • Form letters merged with student data


    • Break students into groups and special populations
    • Monitor groups and users at multiple sites
    • Track student schedules and transcripts
    • Import rosters with embedded tools
    • Scan and upload plain-paper assessments with DataScanner


    • Student assessment and demographic data
    • Program success at all levels
    • Professional development and intervention program effectiveness
    • Progress toward AYP with district-customized, standards-based report cards
    • Dynamic, pre-built reports with graphical interpretation of data
    • Correlations between data to draw actionable conclusions


    • Programs at all levels
    • System users and permissions
    • Communication with integrated e-mail
    • Multiple versions of assessments
    • Sharing of assessments and custom reports across your district

    System Requirements

    As a web-based application, DataDirector supports most modern browsers and operating systems. DataDirector functions on all network speeds, but users with greater bandwidth will notice increased performance. For the DataDirector minimum system requirements, please contact your local Assessment Account Executive.

    HMH provides hosting for DataDirector through an application service provider (ASP) model, allowing users to access the system from any computer with Internet access. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensures the security of customer data during transmission.

    DataDirector is fully compatible with data from SASI, Aeries, PowerSchools and all other SIS.

    Windows or Linux:

    • Windows- or Linux-compatible PC desktop or laptop
    • Internet Explorer (7.0 and up) or FireFox (3.0 and up)
    • Internet connection


    • Macintosh desktop or laptop
    • MacOSX
    • Safari (5.0 and up) or FireFox (3.0 and up)
    • Internet connection

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    • Success Stories

      Jones County School System, Georgia

      Jones County School System, Georgia

      The state of Georgia has set the bar high for its students. Georgia Performance Standards define rigorous goals. In Jones County, north of Macon, the public school system has responded to these heightened expectations by placing student data at the fingertips of every educator. DataDirector online data and assessment management solutions provide teachers with fast, easy-to-understand information, from high-stakes assessment and district benchmark scores, to daily classroom reports and Response To Intervention (RTI) program results.

      View the Jones Success Story (0.6 MB)

      Lenawee Intermediate School District, Michigan

      Lenawee Intermediate School District, Michigan

      "Our ultimate goal is to track children from birth to graduation regardless of whether they move around within the county," said Jennifer DeGrie, Coordinator for Technology Applications at Lenawee Intermediate School District (ISD) in southern, central Michigan. Educators in the consortium want a full, rounded picture of all children from the day they enter their first early education program at six months through the end of their high school career.

      Lenawee ISD provides service, support and leadership to the schools and districts in Lenawee County. Two years ago, the ISD acquired the DataDirector data and assessment management solution to provide its member districts access to local assessment data, track student information, and view individual program results without having to ask the central office to run reports. Recently, the ISD enhanced the system with the Assess2Know item bank and is working to create common benchmark assessments for all the schools throughout the county.

      View the Lenawee Success Story (213 KB)

  • GradeCam

    Now DataDirector Offers the Fastest, Easiest Way to Grade Multiple-Choice Assessments


    GradeCam is an exciting technology that allows educators to use a standard web camera or document camera to quickly and easily scan and score student results. You can even use the webcam already built in to your computer. With GradeCam, you simply hold your students’ answer documents up to the camera and they are instantly scanned and scored!

    With the addition of GradeCam, DataDirector now gives you more options to administer and scan assessments to students than ever before. Whether you want to use DataScanner, online testing, or now GradeCam, only DataDirector allows you to make that choice. You can mix-and-match and select the test administration mode that works best for you!

    DataDirector integration of GradeCam’s technology works with any standard USB-enabled web camera connected to either Microsoft Windows® or Apple Mac®-based computers.

    See for Yourself! Watch videos that highlight interesting ways educators have been using GradeCam technology in their classrooms to help you better understand how DataDirector will make use of this new technology.

    Click here to watch and learn.

    Find Out More: Contact your HMH Assessment Account Executive to learn more about how DataDirector and GradeCam will work together.

    GradeCam Technology

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    • Using GradeCam with DataDirector

      Spend your Time Preparing or Teaching, Not Grading

      First bubble an answer key, and scan it into DataDirector using GradeCam. The system automatically uses this answer key to score student assignments, as shown in the picture below. The entire process of scanning and scoring a class assignment is compressed into a matter of minutes, allowing teachers to focus on analyzing the results rather than manually grading the assignment.

      GradeCam scoring student assignments

      Educators who use GradeCam to capture student results will then be able to leverage DataDirector’s powerful reporting tools to analyze test data and inform instruction. This powerful combination allows you to harness DataDirector’s intuitive exam creation tools to align assessments to standards, and then use GradeCam’s innovative technology to quickly capture student results using cost-effective equipment already found in many classrooms. For example, the following image shows a Class Item Report for student results captured via GradeCam.

      GradeCam capture student results
  • Support


    As a DataDirector customer, you'll have access to HMH’s Account Management team, a support group that works closely with districts and schools to ensure successful implementations and continued satisfaction with our product. Many of our Account Managers are former educators and all are dedicated to helping you get the best possible experience with DataDirector.

    Tech Support

    Our Tech Support Team is always ready to help, maintaining ongoing feedback loops between our users and the software development team to better help our clients conquer the challenges of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

    Customer Support is available via phone, email, or fax Monday through Friday.

    Phone: 877-411-1629


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