Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program™ 2.0

WIIIP 2.0 Features
System Requirements
  • WIIIP 2.0 Features

    WIIIP 2.0:

    • Provides the means to remediate limited proficiency with a direct link between assessment data and evidence-based instructional interventions.
    • Offers an ideal solution for organizations implementing problem-solving models like Response to Intervention (RTI).
    • An item-level mathematics procedure for the two mathematics tests that help you identify gaps in mathematical knowledge and receive formative interventions to address any underlying undeveloped mathematics skill.
    • Includes three unique reports not found in the WJ III NU Compuscore and Profiles Program for reporting interventions, communicating proficiency levels, and interpreting information processing diagnostics.
    • Provides a series of checklists to aid incorporating qualitative information required by IDEA (e.g., health status, emotional status, behavior) on evaluation reports.
    • Offers tremendous value by providing automated scoring for eleven different assessments in the WJ III family of products

    Quickly Score Your Woodcock Assessments

    Efficiently score a number of assessments from the WJ III family of products. If you're testing with WJ IV, click here to learn more about the latest version of WIIIP!

    • Woodcock-Johnson III NU (WJ III NU) Tests of Achievement, Forms A, B, and C
    • WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities
    • Diagnostic Supplement to WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities
    • Batería III Woodcock-Muñoz® NU: Pruebas de aprovechamiento
    • Batería III Woodcock-Muñoz NU: Pruebas de habilidades cognitivas
    • Bilingual Verbal Ability Tests™- Normative Update
    • Bilingual Verbal Ability Tests
    • Dean-Woodcock & Sensory Motor Battery

    Integrate Additional Interpretive Information

    • Augment test scores with observations from eight different checklists to add insight to the scores from a WJ III NU test administration.
    • Report data from other popular assessments to ensure your evaluations incorporate a variety of assessment tools and strategies as noted in IDEA.

    Implement Research-Based Interventions

    Customize your reports with the research-based instructional interventions WIIIP 2.0 recommends. The list of interventions provided for each individual is completely customized based on his or her scores.

    • Provide actionable steps for other educators.
    • Inform intervention selection in RTI models.
    • Make recommendations to colleagues on your school's problem-solving team.

    Generate Reports

    Examiners can customize the reports with the scores, labels, narrative, and interpretive procedures that are most relevant to a particular referral.

  • System Requirements

    System Requirements


    • Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista™, or Windows 7 operating system
    • 128 megabytes (MB) of available memory (RAM)
    • 25 MB of free hard disk space
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Printer supported by Microsoft Windows


    • Apple® system software version 10.4.x through 10.7.2
    • 128 megabytes (MB) of available memory (RAM)
    • 35 MB of free hard disk space
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Macintosh-compatible printer

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