WJ IV Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program™ (WIIIP®)

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  • WIIIP for WJ IV

    What's New in WIIIP for WJ IV?

    By combining contemporary CHC theory with research and scholarship, the new WIIIP® provides a detailed interpretation of student performance on the WJ IV™ and offers personalized, evidence-based interventions* and strategies based on an examinee’s scores. The new WIIIP expands on the already significant library of previous versions, offering hundreds of new interventions and accommodations not available anywhere else.

    The interventions and accommodations offered in WIIIP provide actionable steps for schools and practitioners working on problem-solving teams, and can serve as an ideal solution for implementing discrepancy models or Response to Intervention (RtI) processes.

    WIIIP also streamlines the reporting process itself—convenient, web-based data entry eliminates cumbersome paper resources and allows examiners to devote more time to interpretation. Identifying an individual’s psycho-educational strengths and weaknesses using contemporary, theory-based measures with WJ IV is just the beginning. Take the next step and link assessment to intervention with WIIIP today!

  • Sample Reports

    Sample ECAD Comprehensive Report

    Sample WIIIP Comprehensive Report

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    Want to Learn More about WIIIP?

    Check out a short overview presentation on WIIIP®, including highlights of new, WJ IV™-only features!

    Running Time: Approx. 5 Minutes

    Watch a complimentary, in-depth WIIIP Webinar by co-author Barbara Wendling!

    Running Time: Approx. 1 Hour

    To learn more about WIIIP, contact your local HMH Clinical Assessment Account Executive or call 800.323.9540.

  • Additional Resources
    ASB #5: Overview of the WJ IV Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program

    The authors of the WJ IV™ Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program™ (WIIIP®; Schrank & Wendling, 2015b) discuss the features of the WIIIP, a web-based program that helps examiners interpret WJ IV™ assessment results and link test and cluster scores from any of the Woodcock-Johnson® IV (Schrank, McGrew & Mather, 2014a) batteries to associated instructional interventions.

    In addition, the WIIIP includes a number of qualitative checklists that, when completed, provide context to an individual's WJ IV scores and result in a more comprehensive WJ IV evaluation.

    Example excerpts as well as a complete sample report are provided to illustrate Comprehensive Report options, checklist options, and ways in which the WIIIP links WJ IV assessment results to intervention.

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