Examiner Recruitment

Examiners are an important part of the product development process. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) uses examiners to collect research data on a wide variety of assessments. Examiners with educational backgrounds ranging from pre-school teachers to school psychologists are needed for different studies. Submit your information and we will contact you when we have opportunities that match your qualifications. Compensation varies by study.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt partners with PRO Unlimited, our Managed Service Provider (MSP) to source, pay, and manage our contingent labor. PRO is a global provider specializing in compliance in the contingent labor area and offers a Vendor Management System (VMS) called WAND, in which employees can submit time online and HMH hiring managers can approve time and expenses. PRO will serve as the employer of record and payroll any contingent workers used by HMH. All HMH examiners work as employees of PRO.

Specific documents are required to complete employment. Below is a list of the documentation required by PRO. Please have this documentation ready before submitting your examiner application:

  1. TalentWise Background Check Authorization Release form
  2. Employee Data Sheet
  3. Direct Deposit form (and voided check or bank letter)
  4. Employee Service Agreement
  5. I-9/Employment Eligibility Verification
  6. W-4
  7. State Tax Withholding form (if applicable)
  8. Employee Handbook – read and submit signature page
  9. Travel and Expense Policy — read and submit signature page
  10. Employee’s Right to Know — read and submit signature page
  11. Confirmation of Receipt — read and submit signature page
  12. Information Security Policy — read and submit signature page
  13. Intellectual Property & Non-Disclosure Agreement/IP & NDA – read and submit signature page
  14. Hold Harmless (only applicable if driving is required)