High School Virtual Physics Lab™

High School Physics Labs Grades 9–12

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  • Why?

    Realistic Online Labs Enhance Learning

    Research has shown that students learn physics concepts when using these online labs. Pre- and post-testing results indicate significant increases in content learning that are comparable to increases when using hands-on labs. When used as supplements to hands-on labs, preliminary research suggests that these virtual labs enhance learning.

    Motivating Interactive Features

    Force Sim

    With 3D simulation, students can manipulate virtual equipment in a realistic way, and can enter data, analyze results, and create reports. Online access also makes it easier for students who may have missed a lab to make up work.

    A Flexible and Economical Physics Lab Solution

    Online access gives you the flexibility to fit labs into your schedule and lets student repeat or try labs on their own. Virtual labs are ideal for distance learning, flipped or blended classrooms, and any setting where hands-on lab equipment is not available.

  • Features

    High School Virtual Physics Lab Components

    Each self-contained lab includes these components:

    Virtual Physics Lab
    • Objectives: List of the lab’s learning objectives
    • Theory: Background information, including diagrams and formulas related to the targeted physics concept
    • Pre-Lab Quiz: Multiple-choice quiz to assess student knowledge prior to completing the lesson
    • Equipment: List of equipment needed if the student conducts the lab hands-on
    • Video Demonstration: Video demonstrating each part of the hands-on lab procedure, performed by a student using real equipment—a great quick-start for students
    • Simulation: 3D, interactive simulation in which students manipulate virtual equipment, gather data, analyze results, and create a lab report
    • Hands-On: Screens allowing students to enter data, analyze results, and create a lab report when using hands-on equipment
    • Questions: Thought questions designed to reinforce and enhance the general lab experience
    • Post-Lab Quiz: Multiple-choice quiz to assess student knowledge after completion of the lesson
    • Teacher Guide: Additional information and explanation of the concept presented

    Full-year high school physics curriculum

    The High School Virtual Physics Lab™ includes 24 comprehensive, inquiry-based labs.

    Virtual Physics Labs for Two Semesters:

    Acceleration of Gravity Specific Heat of a Metal
    Addition of Force Vectors Archimedes' Principle
    Newton's Second Law of Motion Gas Laws
    Friction Speed of Sound
    Work and Mechanical Energy Reflection of Light
    Hooke's Law Refraction of Light
    Conservation of Energy Image Formation Using Lenses
    Momentum and Impulse Ohm's Law
    Conservation of Momentum Series and Parallel Circuits
    Centripetal Force RC Circuits
    Simple Harmonic Motion Work and Energy Using an Electric Motor
    Motion of a Pendulum Joule Heating

    High School Virtual Physics Lab Apps

    All 24 Virtual Physics Labs are now available as apps for iPad®. Try the Newton’s Second Law of Motion app FREE.

    High School Virtual Physics Lab App
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  • Evaluation Information

    To evaluate all of the labs in High School Virtual Physics Lab™ program, contact your Account Executive for access information.

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