May 22

Expert 21 End of Life Announcement

Expert 21 End of Life Announcement is now available: 

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May 20

New Features and Updates for mid-May, 2017

The May 19, 2017 update contains updates to MATH 180 Courses I and II, Reading Inventory, Progress Space, HMH Teacher Central and HMH Student Central.

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Apr 25

Important Notice for MATH 180 Teachers Using Chromebooks

Some models of Chromebooks may cause MATH 180 to not display the Session Cube after students log in, thus halting student progress. Users who encounter this issue should contact HMH Technical Support at 1-800-283-5974. Be sure to mention the Chromebook model number and Chrome OS version number when you call.


Apr 21

FREE Ed Tech Webinar on June 14, 2017 at 1PM EST

Please join our software experts in this Q&A session to learn about latest updates for your HMH intervention program, outstanding technical issues, and end of the school year best practices. Register Here!


Mar 15

Update on Adobe Flash Browser Compatibility Issue-Upgrade Flash

A previous version of Adobe Flash (v24.0.0.221) was causing compatibility issues with browsers, which caused Student Achievement Manager and associated programs to quit unexpectedly. Adobe has released a new version of Flash (v25.0.0.127) that appears to allow it to function successfully in most current browsers, thus allowing those programs to function correctly. HMH strongly recommends that all users update to this latest version of Flash.


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