Trunity eLearning Platform

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The Trunity eLearning Platform, using cloud-based technology, seamlessly integrates content creation, digital textbooks, and courseware solutions. The award-winning HMH textbook content featured on the platform is delivered in a single, robust, interactive digital learning environment, simplifying access, course creation, and delivery.

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Beyond the printed page. Beyond the eBook.

Students use computers, tablets and smartphones to connect and interact with the world around them.

It’s time for students to experience learning transformed.

HMH® Textbooks, powered on the Trunity Mobile app, offer a compelling, full-screen experience integrating text with video, animations, images, and graphics.
With a single tap, a student can download a book to her personal bookshelf. A simple finger swipe allows the student to quickly navigate page-to-page. And visual alerts let her know as soon as instructors add new content or update an assignment.

Technology is revolutionizing the way content can be designed, created, and delivered. HMH and Trunity have leveraged these advances to bring a rich, collaborative, and customizable learning environment to educators and students around the world. Together, we are changing the future of the classroom.

Trunity Mobile features:

  • Dynamic, rich media content (audio, video, images, animations etc.) that engages students and improves learning outcomes
  • Ability to download select content or complete digital textbook for offline use
  • Highlighting and note taking
  • Powerful and intuitive search
  • Automatic content updates and alerts
  • Familiar swipe, tap and pinch/zoom behaviours
  • Comprehensive, interactive glossary

Experience the following leading middle and high school STEM programmes, enabled on the Trunity mobile app today:

Science Fusion
Modern Chemistry