Word Up Challenge

Is Your School UP to the Challenge?

The Reading Counts!Word UP Challenge is designed to get students excited about reading. The more words your All Star Readers read, the more points your school earns! Scores are tallied through Reading Counts!—which means that literature and nonfiction books students read in the classroom, in the school library, and at home all count towards the team score.

Tipoff: September 4, 2018

Game Ends: February 11, 2019

Court: Your school

At Stake: Improved literacy and excitement about reading

Winners of the Word UP Challenge and MVP Award will be announced on February 18, 2019.


Don’t settle for courtside seats—get in the game NOW!

With students joining in on the full court press, they can help their school win several great prizes, including:

Party Certificate
Books for Your School Library
A Visit from Curious George
And More Surprises

2018 Contest Rules

Downloadable Resources for Your Classroom

Keep your team in high spirits by motivating your All Star Readers to set even higher reading goals.

Posters, certificates, bookmarks, and player cards are just a few of the resources you’ll find to help inspire your students to compete and give it all they’ve got.

It’s a bonafide “slam dunk” for success!

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Coach’s Corner

Is your school set up with classroom libraries or independent reading sessions? Visit our blog and discover new, exciting ways to engage students and motivate them to read more. We can help offer solutions at the school, class, and individual levels to position your students for success while creating a genuine interest in reading.